You want to know where to shop in Singapore ?

Orchard Road, Singapore is our destination for today. and we start the day by heading to the MRT, Farrer Station.

From Farrer Station we plan on heading to Dhoby Ghaut Station as a starting point for our Orchard Road shopping strip expedition, of the window shopping kind.

Our train card cost S$2.20 each for 2 stops which cost includes a S$1.00 refund returnable at your destination.  Apart from the fact that my card refused to work to let me through the gates initially,the rest was a smooth, comfortable and clean experience and not nearly as crowded as I thought although it was 9:30am on a Monday morning.  The size of the underground passages over the span of the MRT network is quite impressive.  As with all of Singapore, its all super clean and safe.

Anyway, arrive at Dhoby Ghaut Station and start our journey down the length of Orchard Road.  While shopping is not really my thing and I get bored with the “Westfield” type of shop, just quietly will say that Alex is a bit partial to wandering shopping centres.  We haven’t eaten yet and we are hungry but just can’t do the Asian breakfast thing so we look for something a bit westernish.  We come across a Coffee Bean franchise, looks ok for a breakfast snack, a muffin and a cappuccino.  S$20 later we have two muffins and 2 cappuccino.  Not often one to complain…my muffin is cold (although asked for heated)/ Alex’s muffin is hot (although asked for cold) and it is all just dumped on our table complete with the plastic tray it came on and our cappuccino arrives in the second biggest cups we have ever seen with a froth so thick I’m not even sure there is coffee down the bottom.  We decide to call these our “adultchinos”… like a babychino but much bigger.

Our morning is spent wandering in and out of shops and shopping centres, Orchard Shopping Centre, Paragon, Lucky Plaza (which is more an olde style rabbit warren setup).

Alex stops for a neck and shoulder massage at “Lucky Feet” reflexology (S$30 for 30 minutes).  We decide to grab bite to eat while still in Lucky Plaza and stop at a place that is very busy …go where the people go.  We load up on our roast duck and curry chicken meals (S$10 total) before heading off for the Botanic Gardens.  So, how to get there… head one parallel street over to Orchard Boulevard (stopping for another (S$15) adultchino) then grab a #106 bus to the main gate of the gardens.  As we head into the gardens it starts to rain.  No biggie.. we keep walking round the first lake until it starts bucketing down. Ok, time to run for shelter. Figure it will go as quickly as it came (like it did yesterday).

Well the rain doesn’t stop and we wait about an hour before deciding to give up and head back to hotel.  It’s about 4:30pm and we will chill at the hotel for a bit and work out what to do tonight.  We struggle to find a taxi straight away and were actually waiting at the bus stop for the next right bus until Alex manages to flag a taxi.[showmyads]

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Monday, 27 August 2012 – Day 3