Vietnam series: Hoi An to Nha Trang on an overnight sleeper bus

Interior - sleeper bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang

Interior – sleeper bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang

I am travelling north/south through Vietnam and have spent the last 12 hours on an overnight sleeper bus from quaint Hoi An and have reached the beachside township of Nha Trang, having passed through Quang Ngai and Quang Ngai during the night.  I arrive, like a gift, next to a café, which is perfect, because at this point I would kill for a coffee. Local time is 7:22am. I am with my brother and his girlfriend and we sit for a while to enjoy our coffee and recap on the night that was the sleeper bus.

It is stinking hot already and we are on the edge of town so we decide to walk a couple of blocks towards town in search of some accommodation.  After walking a while with no success we are all tired and hot and getting frustrated.  I wonder where the hoards of accommodation touts are that greeted us at Hue station.  After a couple of unsuccessful viewings we settle on the Golden Rain Hotel.  Room cost for 4 nights VND$2,741,941 (AU$217).

My Superior city view room includes breakfast and has a rooftop pool overlooking the Municipal Beach and Vinpearl Island.

Delux City view room view

Delux City view room view

The first thing I do once I drop my backpack in my room is take a shower… a long… long shower (is about an hour too long?).

Today’s text to Alex:

“Am in Nha Trang now.  Am thinking will head down beach soon for bit of burning, pool then retail therapy.”

Feeling a bit fresher but no less tired I head to the Municipal Beach which is a 6km long sandy strip. 

Nha Trang Municipal Beach, what's not to like

Nha Trang Municipal Beach, what’s not to like

The Municipal Beach is a handy 1 block walk from the Golden Rain Hotel and on arrival I find my brother already there sunning himself and even though my brother thinks he is Fabio himself, luckily I don’t have a picture of this “event” so I will show you some local entrepreneurs instead…. 

Beach shopping coming my way

Beach shopping coming my way

The water is beautiful, warm and with no waves to tackle and it is lovely to enjoy despite a grey sky.

Nha Trang, Municipal Beach...sweet

Nha Trang, Municipal Beach…sweet

Fabio (sorry…I mean my brother) heads back to the hotel while I choose to linger a while. 

Putting my feet up

Putting my feet up

Eventually I also head back to the hotel to enjoy my comfortable room and relax while watching a movie.  Once the movie is finished, I head to the rooftop pool where I find the others and the three of us enjoy a swim and of course the view.

View from rooftop pool

View from rooftop pool

We are told about some markets, which are a taxi ride away, and my brother’s girlfriend and I are excited to go (what girl doesn’t love a market).  We make our way to the market and sadly discover that most of the shops are starting to pack up.  The market is mostly indoors and the heat is quite pronounced inside.  The range of items are quite commercial and more shop than market arrangement but I manage to buy a top before we head back to the hotel where I end my first day in Nha Trang.[showmyads]

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