Vietnam series: Nha Trang beachside, recovery day after the AFL Grand Final

Beachside, the perfect recovery position

Beachside, the perfect recovery position

Today is the day after the night before.

Let me explain… yesterday was the AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final back in my home town of Melbourne.

Need more information?

AFL football is the highest-level professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football and is like a religion to many in Australia, particularly in Melbourne where the sport was born and has since spread to be a national code.  Being a Melbourne girl I grew up going to the football on a Saturday afternoon, mostly travelling to the MCG (lovingly referred to as simply “the G”).

Soooo, yesterday (ie “the night before”) I watched the AFL Grand Final at the Spot Bar in Nha Trang, Vietnam with my brother, his girlfriend and a bar full of fellow Australians (as you do on such occasions). 

And today (ie “the day after”) I am left feeling a little (ok, extremely) unmotivated to do anything involving any effort whatsoever (could be considered a hangover).  Just as well I happen to be in Nha Trang which happens to be a perfect beachside township.  Today is the perfect day to really try out the beach and the very adequate looking beach lounger chair things positioned under very substantial thatched umbrellas. 

Banana lounge, beach lounger, day recliner... perfect

Banana lounge, beach lounger, day recliner… perfect

Desperately needing some nourishment, I begin the day with a hamburger for breakfast at Loisale Bar, located right on the beach.  There is nothing like a hamburger with an ocean view for breakfast to recharge.

Loisale Bar for hamburger for breakfast

Loisale Bar for hamburger for breakfast

Then, I find myself a beach chair, as far away from everybody else as I can, and am pretty much set for the day (or for a while anyway).

View from under my thatched roof

View from under my thatched roof

I do find the energy eventually to peel myself off my beach lounger to source some lunch and decide (having made the effort to get up) to change location to the rooftop pool back at my hotel.  It is not often I feel like a cold beer but this is one such time and it goes down a treat sitting next to the pool.

I send a cheeky text to Alex:

“Have hotel rooftop pool all to myself overlooking beach and islands. Cold beer at hand.”

It has been an ideal recovery day from the religious event that is AFL Grand Final day.  I will need to get active again tomorrow for my planned trip to Vinpearl Island.[showmyads]

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