Vietnam series: Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Tuk Tuk outside the Dang Derm Hotel

Tuk Tuk outside the Dang Derm Hotel

Today is 9 October and my Air Asia flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Bangkok is at a reasonable 9:45am. 

My pre booked taxi arrives to collect me at 6:00am and, somehow, I have managed to be ready on time.  My taxi heads off to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN). 

Farewell HCMC, farewell Vietnam, please don’t forget me. 

Our plane taxis to the runway waiting its turn to take off

Our plane taxis to the runway waiting its turn to take off

I won’t ever forget you. Would I ever return to Vietnam?… in a heartbeat.

I love Vietnam and hope to return one day

I love Vietnam and hope to return one day

After an uneventful flight, I arrive safely at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) at 11:10am.

BKK airport is 30km east of Bangkok and I take a taxi from the airport direct into Khao San Road.  For the next two nights in Thailand (and the last two nights of my month long trip) I am wanting to be in a central location and have decided to look for a hotel right in the heart of the action on Khao San Road.

I trawl the length of Khao San Road and decide on the 3.5 star Dang Derm Hotel located at 1 Khao San Road.

Tuk Tuk outside the Dang Derm Hotel

Tuk Tuk outside the Dang Derm Hotel

I am allocated a room on the 5th floor (near the Khao San Road side).  I stupidly make an up-front cash payment for 2 nights of VND$1,700,000 (AUD$113.00).  More about this stupidity later. 

My first impression of my room is “cool…this is super sexy” with its dark timbers and crisp white linen.  I am super pleased with my choice of hotel and head off for the afternoon in great spirits, ready to enjoy my final 2 days.

I am looking forward to again cruising the markets of Khao San Road and also being reuniting with my brother and his girlfriend for dinner.

Having stayed in Bangkok on the way through to Vietnam, this is a return visit to Khao San Road.  There seems to always be such a great atmosphere around Khao San Road with its mix of markets, shops, bars and eateries where everybody seems in great spirits and very relaxed.  However, there are only so many T-shirts and summer dresses one can buy and we also don’t stop for the novel fish foot spa this time, like we did first time around.

My brother loves Khao San Road

My brother loves Khao San Road

Having finished with the markets we walk a street over from Khao San Road and find a street full of restaurants with music being played and pick a place for dinner.  My brother, his girlfriend and I have the chance to catch up on each other’s travels since parting company back in Nha Trang about 11 days ago.

It is not a late night but I get back to my hotel room about 11:30pm.  As soon as I walk into my hotel room it becomes apparent to me that I seem to have a nightclub located directly under my bed! 

The next hour is spent trying different methods to make the noise go away in order to get some sleep.  Ear plugs… no good… pillow over my head… nope… I even try to move the mattress into the bathroom (I am desperate at this point)… still no better… 

Finally, I turn the TV on thinking TV noise must be better than the DUF DUF thump of the nightclub below… fail. 

The most annoying thing is the base tone of all of the music being played 5 floors below never seems to change… DUF… DUF…DUF… (on and on and on it goes unrelenting).

Ok… enough is enough… I have two options… actually I have three options…

Option 1
Put on some clothes and go down to the nightclub.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em… right?  Sadly, I am too far gone past annoyed to be sociable so I scrap that idea. 

Option 2
Put up with it until only knows what time in the morning… That could mean another 5 hours??

Option 3
Go to reception and ask (ever so nicely) to be moved to a quieter room.  Good one!
It’s after 12:30pm and I feel like such a nanna for doing it but…down I go to reception.

I calmly state my case to the guy on the reception desk about the noise from the nightclub.  I quickly ascertain the guy on reception couldn’t be less interested.  I forge on… I politely request that I be moved to another quieter room.  His blank reply “No rooms”.

Hmmm…  again politely I ask… “Are there any other rooms available that I could be tranferred to?”  The reply: “All booked out”.  Now that has to be bullshit…

Getting less polite now… “How long till nightclub closes?” I ask.  His reply “Don’t know”.  What an a_ _hole. 

I go back to my room… stomp stomp stomp.

Just you wait till morning buddy!

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