Vietnam series: Just another AFL grand final day in Nha Trang, Vietnam

AFL football grand final winners - Geelong Football Club

AFL football grand final winners – Geelong Football Club

Having arrived in Nha Trang yesterday by sleeper bus, it is nice to wake up in the comfort of my room at the Golden Rain Hotel, Nha Trang.  It is a very special day for this Melbourne girl who grew up on AFL (Australian Football League) football.  AFL football is the highest-level professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football and… today is the Holy Grail of the AFL  season because it is grand final day… very special!

First things first and it is important to get some food in my stomach in anticipation of having some alcoholic beverages (bevies) while watching the game.  Unfortunately breakfast is a bit on the average side but it all gets eaten. 

I then head out with my brother and his girlfriend to find a venue in Nha Trang that might be showing the game.  After a couple of tries we are told about a spot called the “Spot Bar” and make our way there to watch the grand final between Geelong Football Club (the “Cats”) and Saint Kilda Football Club (the “Saints”).  We find ourselves a position upstairs amongst the coloured balloons representing both teams and wait for the national anthem before the siren is sounded and the first bounce to start the game.

There is the usual friendly banter between opposing supporters with other Australians gathered to watch the big event.  It is a close match all day and, a couple of bourbons and cocktails later, I savour the 2 goal win for the Cats.

Feeling pretty good about life in general, we are all in good spirits; which might coincidently have something to do with the consumption of some good spirits.  Anyway, we decide a change of location is needed to get a late lunch (and another cocktail).  What happens next is quite bizarre… it starts raining… really raining…. bucketing down… so much, so quickly that the street becomes a river (literally).  The traders do not seem phased by the situation and it appears this is not necessarily uncommon, as most of the shops are built on raised footpaths to accommodate such downpours.

My brother and I had earlier put some clothes in for washing and, for whatever reason, decide that now is a good time to make the trip down the road to the shop.  We roll up our pants and wade to the shop.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, not having seen him for a couple of days, we bump into my brother’s mate Dan.  He has already made his onward travel plans but he has time to come back with us briefly to our hotel to catch up by our rooftop pool and before long he is again gone… bye Dan. 

Rooftop pool view

Rooftop pool view

Back to the three of us again and we head to the beach to find somewhere for dinner. 

Set up for dinner on the beach

Set up for dinner on the beach

To this point it has been a fantastic day but, during dinner, my brother’ girlfriend disappears, apparently headed back to the hotel, without a single word?  I then have a fight with my brother (about it) and he takes off too… great… this leaves me at the table alone feeling like a bit of a loser and not in the mood to make any more of the evening.

I head back to the hotel somewhat pissed (both in feeling annoyed with my brother and like I have just put on my wobbly boots).   Nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix.  It is 26 September, Grand Final Day.. what a day![showmyads]

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