USA series: Washington DC to Las Vegas

White House

White House

Alex and I are holidaying in the USA and so far we have spent two weeks in New York City followed by a weekend in Washington DC.

Today is our last day in Washington DC which makes Alex super excited because that also means… Las Vegas here we come.

Las Vegas according to Wikitravel:

“Las Vegas is the largest city in the U.S. state of Nevada. Nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World, it is situated in the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada. The city features many mega-hotel/casino complexes decorated with lavish care and attention to detail creating a fantasy-like environment. The casinos often have names and themes that evoke romance, mystery, and exotic.”

Las Vegas (or sin city) is the kind of place that can make or break a person and/or their bank account especially.  Knowing all this… whichever way our luck is going to run in Vegas, we’re gonna have a fantastic time doing it!

Getting back to the present day, last night we booked our USD$60 (combined) airport shuttle to pick us up from our hotel at 4:00pm to take us the 45minute trip to Baltimore BWI airport.

So, until 4:00pm, we have some time to kill in Washington (not literally).

We decide a leisurely lunch would be a great way to spend the day before we walk over to the White House.  Maybe we will see Obama, I mean President Obama?

We start with lunch at Mio restaurant, located on the corner of Vermont Avenue and L Street. The meal is lovely and reasonably priced. 



Mio restaurant has also been one of few places we found in Washington DC that does a decent cafe latte.  Hooray for this place.

With lunch done we head to the White House to check on what Obama (I mean President Obama) is up to.

We don’t think Mr President is home today but there are certainly plenty of law enforcement personnel (ie. coppers/gov’ners/the fuzz) watching over the closed street in front of the White House.

We sit on a seat in the park located opposite the White House. 

View from park opposite the White House

View from park opposite the White House

Is that a plain clothes secret service officer?  Hmmm… maybe it could just be that this guy is the groundsman.

Ok, time to head back to the hotel to await our shuttle bus.

Our pre-booked airport shuttle bus to BWI airport arrives on time.

Also right on time it seems is Washington DC peak hour traffic.

One hour into our 45 minute trip and I was starting to think the BWI airport was imaginary but it eventually materialised.

The trip, including one extra pick-up took 1.5 hours. I initially thought the shuttle cost expensive but, given the distance to the airport and convenience, now realise is good value.

Take off time.  Our Air-Trans flight should take 2 hours… unless… I don’t appreciate there is a time difference between Washington and Las Vegas.  This means our flight is actually 4.5 hours… aaaargh!

Our first glimpse of the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip are from the comfort of our plane and while we are tired, this place excites.

Welcome to Las Vegas airport

Welcome to Las Vegas airport

Once our plane lands in Las Vegas and we exit the airport we begin to work out that our car rental company is not located at the airport car rental area.  The car rental company is located off-site and requires an additional transfer by shuttle bus…. feeling pretty annoyed at this news.

The good news is that we are about to pick up our rented Mustang hard top which will be ours for the next two days.

3:00am (Washington time)
(12:00midnight local (Las Vegas) time)

Alex and I have handed over our rental mustang to the hotel valet.  All that’s left to do is check into our hotel… the Luxor… I guess you could describe the Luxor as looking a bit tacky (and a bit tired) but it is reasonably priced and, lets be honest, not out of place in Las Vegas.

We are pretty wrecked and decide to call it a night, or a morning in our case.

Tomorrow we will drive to the Grand Canyon, via the Hoover Dam.[showmyads]

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