USA series: New York City highlights

Central Park

Central Park

Sadly today is our final full day in New York City.

We spend the morning packing so that we can spend the rest of what is a glorious New York day in Central Park before we get a bus to Washington D.C this afternoon.

As we prepare to leave, there are a couple of things to mention about visiting New York and what we consider are New York highlights.

Firstly be prepared for crowds and take some comfortable shoes as you can expect to do a lot of walking, even when using the subway.

Put a little time into planning your visit and/or get together a list of things you want to see and start with those.

Look at visiting a section of Manhattan at a time or group attractions that are near one another. After all, this is a big city with loads to see.

Consider downloading an app like TripAdvisor – New York. This app has most of New York’s main attractions (based on popularity) which you can then label as your favourites.  This then enables you to view your selected favourites on a map, making it easy to work out how to group your attractions, making the most of your time.  This app also has reviews available to view and a Metro map which is super handy for using the subway.

Another excellent website I love is Rome2Rio.  This website can give you the options, estimated times and prices to get from anywhere to anywhere, whether it be around the corner, the next state or across the world.  I think it is awesome website and just quietly am proud that it happens to originate from Melbourne.

Other more immediate stuff I can suggest is to not always pay the “extra ticket” options which will offer to give you the “higher view” or “get you through the line quicker”.  It is not always worth the extra and all those extras can add considerably to your overall trip cost.  Its like being asked to supersize your hamburger meal… sounds tempting but learn to say “no thank you”.

Also look to buy your Broadway theatre tickets through TKTS (sold on same day only) for up to 50% off some shows.  TKTS are located conveniently in Times Square. However, some shows like The Lion King are only sold through the Minskoff Theatre or through Ticketmaster.

Visit attractions like Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building later in the night, after say 10:00pm when the queues aren’t so scary.

There are many must do activities in New York.  Picking a favourite would be like asking a parent to pick their favourite child.  While we don’t always agree, Alex and I do agree that The Lion King was our No. 1 activity.

Other highlights (in no particular order) included:

But New York is more than its main “attractions” and has an intangible (oh so fabulous) “vibe”. New York is a must see city.  This is a proper grown up city and we love it.

We have covered a lot of ground and felt safe at all times.  We have been fortunate to have had two weeks to explore and yet we leave still wanting more which is how I think one should always leave a city… wanting more.

Thank for the memories New York as we now leave you behind to begin our journey to Washington D.C.[showmyads]

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