Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Thailand Tuk Tuk

Thailand Tuk Tuk

Alex and I have planned and booked a fantastic two week holiday in Thailand.

Actually…who am I kidding, I have planned and booked our holiday.

Alex is just happy to go with the flow.

So, it might be news to Alex that the places we will be visiting include Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is often seen as just a transit city for us Aussies and for this reason flights are often cheap.  Bangkok is a city of highrises which overshadow what is a street level reality of traffic chaos and traffic jams and a mix of chic shops and traditional vendors selling stuff I can’t ever imaging buying.

Truly Thailand

Truly Thailand

Alex and I will be spending 5 nights in Bangkok at the Centre Point Hotel Silom.

From Bangkok we will travel by overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand and the main town to the north of Bangkok.  Chiang Mai is more old school charm meets tourist.

Chiang Mai Walking Streets markets

Chiang Mai Walking Streets markets

Our second class train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mail will take us about 14 short hours for a cost of THB$1,132 (AUD$40) (for both).

Our 5 nights in Chiang Mai will be broken up.

Our first 2 nights will be spent at the Soul Mates Retreat.  The Soul Mates Retreat is located a 30 minute drive north-east of Chiang Mai.  The property offers peace and quiet which will be what we need after a chaotic 5 days in Bangkok.

The “retreat” has an amazing horizon pool overlooking rice fields and mountains beyond.  Close by is a small village, easily within walking distance or an even shorter bicycle ride.

Soul Mates Retreat outlook

Soul Mates Retreat outlook

Our accommodation for the remaining 3 nights in Chiang Mai will be at the Rom Po Boutique.  The Rom Po Boutique is located 500 metres from the Tha Pae Gate, along Tha Pae Road. This accommodation is more traditional Thai and has no fancy pool.  Given the compact size of Chiang Mai, and the boutique’s proximity to Chiang Mai’s moated old quarter, this this a good central base.


Our third and final stop in Thailand is Pattaya.

Pattaya is an easily accessible beach option from Bangkok, being only 170km (approx. 1.5 hour drive).

Pattaya is a beach location which survives on sleeze…there I said it!  Dirty old men looking for their Thai prize.  Whether it be for one night, a weekend or as a “relationship”.  It is done in an obvious manner and is both amusing and sad.  And by the way, there is also a beach in Pattaya.  In places, the beach is lined with deck chairs and umbrellas.

Pattaya beach deckchairs

Pattaya beach deckchairs

To get to Pattaya we will fly from Chiang Mail to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (located to the east of Bangkok).  From the airport we can get a direct bus to Pattaya.

Our accommodation in Pattaya will be at the very new and modern Seven Zea Chic Hotel.  This hotel has an awesome horizon pool overlooking Pattaya beach and is located along North Pattaya Road, just 50 metres from Pattaya beach.

Alex and I will be departing Melbourne and flying direct, both ways, with Air Asia.  Total flight cost for the two of us is AUD$1,000 (for us both).

So with our main flights, internal flight and accommodation booked, our health checks and travel insurance sorted we are all set to go.

Thailand here we come !

For next Thailand holiday post stay tuned….


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