Hamilton Island Series: Hamilton Island to Brisbane, Queensland

I have just spent three glorious days on pristine Hamilton Island, which is just one of 74 picturesque islands of the Whitsundays in Queensland. 

I am with my most favourite work friend who invited me to join her for a glorious long weekend escape to Hamilton Island as an all expenses paid recognition for her hard work from the company we both work for. Continue reading

Hamilton Island Series: Catseye Beach, the Marina and restaurants of Hamilton Island, Queensland

Hamilton Island, the kind of thing you daydream about

Hamilton Island, the kind of thing you daydream about

I have been lucky enough to travel to Hamilton Island on an all expenses paid weekend that a dear friend and work colleague received as a gift as part of the annual brown-nose of the year award from the company we both work for. 

With our first glorious day on Hamilton Island behind us, and with two more days to go, we begin our new day, again enjoying our glorious view from our sub-let balcony (hello again Mr Cockatoo). Continue reading

Hamilton Island series: Hamilton Island, Queensland – beautiful one day perfect the next

Buggy rankHow does one describe Hamilton Island?  Let me put it this way…

Hamilton Island is one of the Whitsunday Islands and forms part of the Great Barrier Reef… quite simply, it is stunning and beautiful and all things tropical that makes one happy. 

I could really end this post right there, enough said… right?  But Hamilton Island, itself covering an area of 5 square kilometres is more than a beautiful resort island, it is fun and scenic and a little bit quirky.  Continue reading