Cruise series: Royal Carribean Radiance of the Seas

Alex and I are finishing work for the year and heading off on our Royal Carribean Radiance of the Seas cruise.

We have an 11:30am flight with our pre-paid $83 parking booked in.

We need a selection of day time and night time clothes for the cruise (including a suit for Alex) so our usual skimpy backpack (for the cheaper airline’s usual 7kg limit) has been swapped for a propper suitcase which allows a 23kg limit.

Dinner most nights will be in the dining room which requires something more than shorts and tee shirt.

Alex is looking forward to the trip as a big cruise ship is a new experience for him and he is hoping that the fact he can’t swim won’ t be an issue.

Was it so wrong of me to make him watch Titanic?[showmyads]

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