Cruise series: Brisbane to Airlie Beach (evening)

We are back to the Cascades Dining Room for dinner and tonight’s meal is lovely so all is forgiven for consequences of last night’s crab cake.

We are seated next to two ladies from the United Kingdom and, together with our amusing Indian waiter it is a fun meal. We actually lose track of time and end up missing out on going to the show in the theatre tonight so we alter our plans and make a quick detour to the casino…(not problem gamblers). Anyway, Alex managed to win US$40 on roulette…good one Alex. Continue reading

Cruise series: Sydney to Brisbane (daytime)

We have a full day at sea today which means lots of activities going on around the ship. Every night a ship newsletter called the “Cruise Compass” is delivered to our room which details all of the activities and times for the next day so that you can plan your day and the activities you might like to do…its kind of like the cruise ship bible.  I pointed out a seminar called “How to Look 10 Years Younger Today” which was being held at the Radiance Day Spa.  Alex helpfully suggested I should go twice…hmmm. Continue reading