Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Thailand Tuk Tuk

Thailand Tuk Tuk

Alex and I have planned and booked a fantastic two week holiday in Thailand.

Actually…who am I kidding, I have planned and booked our holiday.

Alex is just happy to go with the flow.

So, it might be news to Alex that the places we will be visiting include Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. Continue reading

Vietnam series: Bangkok Thailand hotels and shopping at the MBK Centre

MBK Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

MBK Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

I am at the Dang Derm Hotel in Bangkok Thailand and I can’t leave this place quick enough (Dang Derm, not Bangkok Thailand) so first thing in the morning I have my bag packed and make my way down to reception. 

Last night I stood at this same reception desk asking (like a real nanna) to be moved to a different room courtesy of a constant DUF DUF noise emanating from the nightclub located 5 floors below my bed (or was that under my bed?). Continue reading

Vietnam series: Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Tuk Tuk outside the Dang Derm Hotel

Tuk Tuk outside the Dang Derm Hotel

Today is 9 October and my Air Asia flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Bangkok is at a reasonable 9:45am. 

My pre booked taxi arrives to collect me at 6:00am and, somehow, I have managed to be ready on time.  My taxi heads off to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN).  Continue reading

Wat we did in Bangkok, Thailand is Wat Pho and Wat Intharawihan

So the answer to “Wat” we did today is….Temples.

The first Temple we visit is Wat Pho, home of the gigantic reclining Buddha, a statue for which Wat Pho is most famous. This statue is enormous, being about 45 metres long. Even just the feet are huge and are decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay on its soles. Continue reading

Bangkok, Thailand by boat, taxi and tuk-tuk

14 September, our first morning in Bangkok and my brother, his girlfriend and I head to Kao San Road. Probably not the best plan we’ve ever had as we quickly work out that most of the shops on Kao San Road aren’t even open yet. I take the chance to grab a cold drink and some money from an ATM (hoping that my ATM card doesn’t get chewed up on my very first day). Continue reading

Departing Melbourne for Bangkok, Thailand and our holiday takes off

Departing Melbourne on 13 September at 1:55pm I begin my month long trip exploring Vietnam, following a quick stopover in Bangkok, Thailand.

I am flying with my brother and his long time girlfriend from Melbourne Airport with Jetstar  to destination Thailand, more specifically Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.

The three of us will spend two nights in Bangkok before taking the short flight from Bangkok to Hanoi, Vietnam from where we will start our motorbike journey travelling north to south, finishing in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in nearly 4 weeks time…well that’s the basic plan (hmmm).

We arrive at Bangkok airport at 8:40pm (local time) after an uneventful flight (which is always the best type of flight when talking about flying).

Setting off from Melbourne I was dressed to accommodate a typically cool aircraft cabin and on arriving in Bangkok and finally getting to the open air outside the Bangkok airport for the first time I am struck by the heat and can’t peel of some of the layers quickly enough.

My brother has been to Thailand before so I am happy to leave our first taxi arrangement to him and so it is that we head off to our hotel.

Hotel De Moc exterior from poolside

Hotel De Moc exterior from poolside

For our two nights in Bangkok we are booked to stay at the Hotel De Moc which my brother found and booked for us.  On their website, the hotel describes itself as “a long standing hotel structure”, so fingers crossed on this one.

We reach the hotel after about a 30 minute drive and, on first sight of the hotel, my brother’s girlfriend and I spontaneously look at one another and burst into laughter. From the (side) view that we first glance, it looks less than splendid and in-between a couple more bursts of laughter come to a formal renaming of the hotel as the “Hotel De Mockery”…even before we had turned the corner and reached the front gates. Despite our laughter, the taxi driver proceeds to take us through the manned boomgate and we unload and proceed with the usual check-in.

Our laughter subsides once inside, the hotel is more than ok (insert sigh of relief here). We are all bunking in the same room for our two nights in Bangkok and in our room there is a queen bed, a single bed and a TV. We have a balcony which overlooks a freeway (great!) but that’s manageable.

Hotel De Moc balcony view

Hotel De Moc balcony view

The hotel is also quite well serviced and has a sizeable restaurant, which is where we head for dinner. There is also an open-air bar (handy) located across from a sizeable pool (well done brother). Also on site is a massage service (of the traditional Thai variety) and a courtesy Tuk-Tuk to Khao San Road (of the retail therapy variety).

We sit down to enjoy our first holiday dinner in the convenience of the hotel restaurant and work out our plans for the next day, ultimately deciding on getting the Tuk-Tuk to take-take us to Khao San Road tomorrow morning…..

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