Strahan Tasmania from Hobart via Queenstown

Strahan Tasmania is picture perfect
Strahan Tasmania is picture perfect

Alex and I have been holidaying in Tasmania.  Today we are heading from Hobart to the west coast township of Strahan Tasmania.

Our journey will take us through the south west wilderness region of Tasmania and will give you an idea of what to expect when doing the journey in one day by car from Hobart to Strahan Tasmania.

Up until now, our Tasmania holiday has treated us to the delights of Hobart where we visited the Salmanca Markets and historic Port Arthur and Mount Wellington. Today we leave Hobart behind and undertake the 4.5 hour drive from Hobart to the west coast fishing village of Strahan Tasmania.

Before we get started on the drive, we take a diversion to the Cadbury Factory Visitor Centre located just out of Hobart.  Alex and I love our chocolate and this is a must stop for Alex but is not a compulsory stop of course.  I think Alex is hoping to meet Professor Sumner Miller… yes Alex “why is it so?”

There is a big chest of chocolate and an informative session which tells us about chocolate making… like we care how its made.  Later we also get to sample some chocolates and…of course…buy some chocolate from their shop.

With our chocolate supplies fulfilled, we are back on the road to start our journey across to Strahan Tasmania via the Lyell Highway. Our journey today will cover 290km from Hobart to Strahan Tasmani.

We do need to slow as we come across our first Tassie traffic jam.   Fear not though, this is a traffic jam in the form of cows being moved across paddocks.  Our calls to the cows to “moooove” seems to have little impact.

We reach the incline leading to the descent (huh?) into the moonscape mining town of Queenstown. Be warned, this is a narrow two way, twisty and mildly harrowing descent along which is a big drop, edged only by a rope fence.  Alex is personally not enjoying this section of the drive but manages the descent well, including avoiding killing anybody, including ourselves.

Queenstown below

Queenstown below

Queenstown evidences the results of the impact of continuous mining to an area. Having been mined, in one for or another, since 1893 for minerals including gold, copper and silver.

There is no reason for us to stop here other than for a loo break so we continue on the next 40km to our destination Strahan Tasmania.

Our next surprise along the way is the approach to the peak of Cradle Mountain. The surprise is the fact that as we approach, we can’t see over the top of what is a substantial hill, especially given it is completely veiled in fog.

In stark contrast to the first section of our drive, the Cradle Mountain section and beyond to Strahan Tasmania provides a very lush and scenic route including waterfalls cascading down roadside embankments.

The section of drive from Queenstown to Strahan Tasmania is also challenging but this time because it is a hilly, windy narrow (and wet) road requiring concentration for all of its length.

Finally we reach the tranquil and ever so cute fishing village that is Strahan Tasmania.  Now Alex can relax after what has been a hard day’s drive.  We sit and enjoy a coffee and dessert on the picturesque main street of Strahan, overlooking Strahan Harbour.

Strahan Tasmania according to Wikivoyage

“Strahan is about 300 km west of the state capital of Hobart, and known as one of the most isolated (and beautiful) parts of Australia. Originally a staging place for explorers into the South West, and Western areas of the state, it later became a mining port and was the main timber industry and general shipping centre for the area. For most of the twentieth century Strahan was smaller than Queenstown and Zeehan – and served as a port for both locations. Now Queenstown and Zeehan are ghosts of their former glory, and Strahan is now promoted as the main tourist centre for Tasmania’s west coast region. It is considered to be the ‘gateway’ for boats, planes and helicopters taking visitors to the world heritage southwest wilderness area. There is also a small fishing industry that still operates out of Strahan.”

Strahan Tasmania is certainly a very pretty (and remote) spot, given its waterfront location.

Tomorrow we are booked on a cruise on the Gordon River. We expect tomorrow’s cruise to be a highlight and reward of our journey to Strahan Tasmania.  Tomorrow’s cruise will give us the chance to enjoy what is a mostly untouched wilderness area of the west coast of Tasmania.

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