Singapore to Melbourne by monorail, MRT train, foot, taxi, plane, bus and car

So lazy today.   By the time we shower and pack for the return flight (and I am embarrased to say, finish watching Justin Bieber movie) it is nearly 1:00pm and checkout time.

Not planning on trying to do a lot today and we head to the monorail for the last time to travel the two stops back to Waterfront Station where we will grab a kopi or cappuccino (whichever we can find first) and work out what we feel like doing until we need to head to the airport for our 9:00pm flight.

Because its still looks a bit wet outside, we decide to do somethig indoors and figure we could spend a couple of hours have a look at the museum.

We get off at the right MRT train stop but I misread the map (first time ever!) and lead us in completely the wrong direction and find ourselves at Bugis Street.  Ok, not so bad, could be worse…only problem is we have to carry our backbacks as we can’t store them anywhere.  The one thing Alex asked for today is that we are not walking on foot around the city with our backpacks.  Oops…we soldier on with backpacks and all and head up and around the strips of shops.  With Alex managing to knock people left right and centre with his backpack, we decide to take a load off and sit down for a bit and grab a drink.

By this stage, it is 5:00pm, end of the working week and time for us to get a taxi to the airport.  Evenutally we find a taxi line and takes about 20 minutes for us to reach the head of the queue.  Taxi to airport took about 20 minutes and was cheaper on the return trip (S$20) than our initial trip from the airport to the Little India…go figure.

The airport customs and process is pretty uneventful and, come time to board the plane, for the first time ever, being business class we are the first to board our plane.  Row 4F…nice.

So this is business class…seats are nice and comfy and roomy and have a leg recliner as well as seat recliner.  We get a warm towel and a welcome drink in a glass (not plastic).  Our complimentary meal is nice and hot and doesn’t come with a tinfoil cover.  Nor is our dinnerware disposable.  Dinner also comes with a choice of wines.  After dinner is desert with (real) coffee (not instant).  We get the travel pack with eye mask, blanket etc and a complimentary ipad to watch movies (although we just use our iphones that we have loaded with movies before we left home).

I think i got about 4 hours sleep and woke just as breakfast was being served.  Breakfast is cereal with juice and coffee and croissant with jam an butter.

Arrive at Melbourne at 6:45am, temperature 6 degrees.  Singapore on average ranged from a low of 24 degrees to 30 degrees.

We get the airport bus to the long term car park to pick up the car.  We now just need to make sure the car starts (having been left in long term parking for 7 days) and that Meow Meow (our cat) is still talking to us (since we deserted him for the week – even though we asked our lovely neighbour to feed him).  Thank you lovely neighbour.

Car starts…check.

Meow Meow jumps the neighbours fence to greet us as we pull in the driveway…check.

So good to be home.   Thank you Singapore for a lovely and memorable trip.[showmyads]

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Friday, 31 August 2012 – Day 7(cont)