Queenscliff, a coastal town with plenty of walks and its all free

Departing Melbourne at 9:00 am on Saturday morning Alex and I headed off on our overnight stay in Queenscliff.  Queenscliff is a seaside township about 130km from Melbourne.  For us, this means a drive time of about 2 hours.

We arrived in the Queenscliff town centre at about 11:00am.  Not being able to check into our accommodation until 2:00pm we decided to do some general exploring by car down to the harbour area and to a local lookout near to the Queenscliff pier.

We drive back into the town centre (consisting of one main street) and duck into the information centre to grab a map of the general area.  We basically wanted to enjoy the waterfront while in the area and were shown a couple of suggested things for us to do which included a couple of beach areas to visit.

First we head to the Queenscliff Lighthouse (1862) which was closed at this time to the public but has access down some stairs to the beach below, so we went down to the beach and watch a couple of the surfers doing their thing in the surf back beach.

Next we head to Point Lonsdale which is another coastal town about 10 minutes drive further around from Queenscliff.  Our intention was to walking along the promenade.  Today is an excellent day of about 22 degrees and slightly overcast which is perfect for me.  I have very fair skin and I burn in about 10 minutes.  Stupid me also didn’t think to take suntan lotion so I am on limited sun exposure today.

Being by the water, naturally we have our first meal (lunch) at the fish and chip shop located on the main drag on Point Lonsdale Road and which overlooks the ocean.  In order to walk off our lunch we head off to walk the promenade.  We walk for probably half an hour before turning back and heading back to the main shops for an afternoon coffee.

It’s now mid afternoon and time for us to check into our accommodation.  We are staying at the Queenscliff Hotel and I will write separately about this but suffice to say it was a perfect place to stay and really made something special of our overnight weekend.

With the hotel check in sorted we head off on foot to the Queenscliff Harbour area where there is a tower accessible by stairs (Alex tells me there are 150 stairs?) which snake the outside of the tower.  Reaching the top there are 360 degree views of the area.  A couple of happy snaps later and we make our way back down the stairs and across to the beach from where we can walk along towards the Queenscliff Pier.   A trip to the end of the Queenscliff pier and back and we are now pretty much walked out.  Time to head back to the hotel and give our feet a rest for a while.  Its about 4:00pm and we are happy to chill on the hotel porch or in our room until dinner.

The hotel has a couple of options for dinner including the dining room, restaurant or bar. All are lovely but we decide to enjoy our surroundings and eat in the dinning room.  We make a 7:00pm dinner booking and head upstairs to relax until dinner.

The hotel is basic, but only in terms of its room amenities, not the grandness of the hotel.  Things not included in our room include a TV, mini bar or tea/coffee.  Knowing we had no TV in our room, and only staying the one night, we had actually brought some simple board games with us as a standby….otherwise we would have to talk to one another???.

Well…Alex decided to bring along the laptop and some videos and so it is that we end up watching a video while relaxing on our brass four poster bead.

We freshen up for dinner and head down a half our before dinner to grab a drink at the bar and sit on the front verandah which overlooks the park and the ocean beyond.

In keeping with the hotel activities of a bygone era we decide on an old fashioned game of chess before dinner.  Alex was keen on a game of chess, even though he (claims) he didn’t know the rules. After a quick go through of the rules we begin…..7:00pm rolls around and thank goodness we have to cease the game as its time to go in for dinner.  At the chess table I am close to having my king put into checkmate…saved by the dinner bell and I leave with my dignity in tact.

Our dinner is served in the elegant period dining room and is a perfect end to the day.

In order to end the night properly we need a coffee and walk around the corner to the main street where we find a place for a last coffee for the day at Lombardys on Hesse.

Back to the hotel room and Alex decides on a movie nightcap.  I am too tired and am asleep in 5 minutes (apparently).  Apart from food, today has cost us nothing which is always a bonus and we have seen a lot of the area and really enjoyed the walks we’ve done today.

Tomorrow we explore some more of the area and further around the coast before heading home in the afternoon.[showmyads]

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