Oxford Street Sydney Australia

Sydney Harbour is easily accessible from Oxford Street Sydney

Sydney Harbour is easily accessible from Oxford Street Sydney

It is 1:30pm on a hot afternoon on Oxford Street Sydney.  I find myself a café to sit and enjoy an iced coffee.  The menu board assures me my iced coffee will only cost me 250 calories, one fifth of my daily intake….hmmm.  Enough of my first world problems.

The boutique hotel that is the Best Western plus Hotel Stellar is situated on Wentworth Avenue, near the corner of Oxford Street Sydney.  The Best Western is my accommodation for the next two nights.  I am taking the chance to explore Oxford Street Sydney and its surrounds.  My hotel sits on the fringe of the city, bordering Surrey Hills.

Buses run frequently along Oxford Street Sydney, taking commuters between Bondi Beach and the Sydney city proper.  Also here is the bottom end of Hyde Park with easy access to Museum Station for that quick trip into Circular Quay.  All in all, it is a handy spot.

As I sit at a café on Oxford Street, I notice it is mostly young adults who pass bye.  Oxford Street Sydney is busy with car traffic but seems light on people traffic.  A bus passes, on its way into the city.

Many seem to be tourists, like the guy in the straw hat… obviously.  The young man on the skateboard, skating his way along amongst the cars and busses on Oxford Street, this seems completely crazy to me – just one pothole or loose stone away from an accident.

Oxford Street Sydney offers a selection of cafes and shops for daytime visitors.  A mix of restaurants including Balkan, Vietnamese, Indian, Italian and Mexican as dinner options and, for that after dinner entertainment (for those so inclined), Oxford Street Sydney also has a choice of adult venues.

Today everybody is wearing shorts and dresses, obviously dressed for the weather as today feels like 40 degrees in the shade compliments of a hot wind.

A white taxi followed by a white bus drive past…obviously also trying to dress cool.

4 Harley Davidsons thunder past… maybe on their way to Kings Cross which lies a suburb over.

So, while not a destination precinct in itself, Oxford Street Sydney has the location to suit visitors given it has a sufficient range of shops within easy reach – something a visitor tends to appreciate.  Shops include a supermarket and several mini-marts, clothing shops (including an op-shop and vintage shop), restaurants and adult entertainment venues.

But… while there is also one of Sydney’s biggest police stations located in the backstreets just behind Oxford Street Sydney, I am not sure I would venture out alone late at night around these parts.