On Trend Attraction: The Souks, Marrakesh, Morocco

The Souk is in there...somewhere

The Souk is in there…somewhere

I am lost in the the Souks of Marrakesh, Morocco.  The Souks are the markets or bazaars of Marrakesh, spread out over a maze of narrow passageways and alleys in the Medina (the historic district of the city).

Having arrived in Marrakesh only a couple of hours earlier I have brought with me a child like enthusiasm and thirst for exploring all that such an exciting destination such as Marrakesh has to offer.

Naturally, I decide to head off exploring (ie shopping) the Souks of Marrakesh.  I am on my own, I am fair, petite and obviously not a local, but I have travelled before on my own.  I have left my two friends back at our hotel to unpack and freshen up after having lunch overlooking the Djemaa el Fna.

Overlooking the Djemaa el Fna

Overlooking the Djemaa el Fna

I am loving the experience and the intensity of the city, this is a country which is so exotic and fabulous.  The range of wares for sale is extensive and amazing and I manage to lose myself in the experience, quite literally.  Slowly I realise I am in the depths of the Souk and many of the shops are closing.

Where did everybody go?

Where did everybody go?

With a sudden realisation of vulnerability, I instantly forget about my shopping expedition as more and more shops close and fewer and fewer people are about.  As I pass by, a local man looks at me cautiously before closing himself behind doors. 

The thought running through my head is to not show any fear, don’t look like I am scared.  Inside I am quietly terrified and hopelessly lost.  I keep walking on with a straight back, hoping to give the false perception of confidence, all the time wishing an exit would appear until finally my wish is answered.  Daylight engulfs me and I couldn’t be more relieved to be back in the open air.  What an idiot.  I berate myself most of the way back to the hotel.  I know better about keeping safe and using common sense.

That was the first and only time I went out without my two friends for the remainder of our stay in Marrakesh.  My story is an example of what not to do, but takes nothing away from what is the delight of the Souks of Marrakesh.