On Trend Attraction: Kennedy Space Centre and Visitor Complex – Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA


Fast Facts
The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is the United States launch site that has been used for every NASA human space flight since 1968. Although such flights are currently on hiatus, KSC continues to manage and operate unmanned rocket launch facilities for the US government’s civilian space program from three pads at the adjoining Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Its Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) is the fourth-largest structure in the world by volume and was the largest when completed in 1965.

Located on Merritt Island, Florida, the center is north-northwest of Cape Canaveral on the Atlantic Ocean, midway between Miami and Jacksonville on Florida’s Space Coast. It is 34 miles (55 km) long and roughly 6 miles (10 km) wide, covering 219 square miles (570 km2). A total of 13,100 people worked at the center as of 2011. Approximately 2,100 are employees of the federal government; the rest are contractors.”
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Owner description:
Kennedy Space Centre
Welcome to NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center, our nation’s gateway to exploring, discovering and understanding our universe.
By nature, human beings are explorers. For thousands of years, we’ve pushed beyond our boundaries, broadening our minds and imaginations with each new discovery. That same spirit of exploration is the driving force for Kennedy Space Center.
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Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex
Embark on Mankind’s Ultimate Journey.
A stay in Florida isn’t complete without a trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Just east of many popular Orlando, Florida vacation destinations and theme parks, NASA’s launch headquarters is the only place on Earth where you can tour launch areas, meet a veteran astronaut, see giant rockets, train in spaceflight simulators, and even view a launch.
Experience more on your next trip at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex – an Orlando vacation destination where the sky isn’t the limit – it’s just the beginning.”
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Entrance fee:  yes
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