Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand

Khao San Road

Khao San Road


Alex and I are in Bangkok, Thailand and have had a grand day exploring Wot Pho and the Grand Palace.

Our next stop is the lively tourist zone and backpacker domain which is the well known Khao San Road.

In hindsight, we should have just got a taxi.

Surprisingly, our big challenge turns out to be getting from the Grand Palace to Khao San Road.  Who would have thought?

Khao San Road is not far from the Grand Palace.  It is literally just a couple of streets away.  How hard can it be right?  Think of the old school game of “Frogger” and you will understand what I mean.

Bangkok traffic is crazy and constant, wherever you are in Bangkok city.  Alex and I find ourselves needing to cross over 5 lanes of traffic.  Five lanes of traffic doesn’t sound too extreme right?

What is extreme is the 6 sets of pedestrian walks to get across the road!   Is this some sort of bizarre road puzzle?  Is this candid camera?

Once across the stupid road, we are only another 5 minutes walk from Khao San Road.  Phew!

Khao San Road is the ultimate tourist strip and backpacker territory.  As expected, items like Thai dye dress and blue wife basher tee-shirts are for sale.  Khao San Road is also a great place to book Bangkok day trips or tours.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road

Alex and I are looking to grab a relaxed feed for dinner.  There are plenty of restaurants and eating options here.


Alex and I decide to enjoy our dinner the wrong way around tonight.  What do I mean?  We begin dinner with dessert first.  Pineapple fritter with ice cream at Chart Guesthouse and Bar (THB$180 / AUD$7.00).  Crazy stuff hey?

Let me just stop here for a minute and vent…  As I look up from my pineapple fritter I see a sign for the Dang Derm Hotel.  “Authentic Thai Hotel” it says.  But what it doesn’t mention is the Elephant Bar and Restaurant which is located directly downstairs from the hotel.  The Elephant Bar and Restaurant plays “duff duff” music which will keep you awake until 2:00am.  I should know.  It kept me awake when I stayed at the Dang Derm Hotel.  I don’t like you Dang Derm Hotel !

Alex and I walk the length of Kho San Road.  Khao San Road is closed to vehicular traffic and as the light of day fades, the plethora of advertising signs start to illuminate and the tourist crowd increases as more people come out to play.  Along the edges are restaurants, clothing stores and things like fish foot spas (which are a must try activity).  The atmosphere is casual and relaxed.


Running parallel with Kho San Road is Rambuttri Road.  Rambuttri Road has lots of eateries and is a better option than Khao San Road for food.

Rambutrri Road

Rambutrri Road

One of the restaurants located here is the My Darling restaurant.  We grab a forgettable dinner here and are liberated of THB$450 (AUD$18) for the experience.


We hail a taxi and ask nicely for “meter”.  Khao San Road to Centre Point Hotel Silom metered taxi fare cost is THB$220 (AUD$8).

Alex reckons he is going to the gym.  ”What, now?” I ask surprised, watching Alex looking dreamily towards the comfort of our hotel bed.

Didn’t think so Alex.


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