Is Singapore’s Sentosa Island the real deal ?

Sentos Island, a real island where everything is unreal including its man made beaches, monorail, and staged entertainment zones.  This is the just for fun part of the trip.

We start our day with breakfast at the coffee house next door to the hotel and is just a quick kopi (local coffee) and cake just to get us bye until we hop it over to Sentosa.

Again, on the MRT, travelling from Farrer to Waterfront Centre (about 6 stops).

Waterfront is quite a big shopping centre in itself and we have to snake our way through a fair distancew looking for signs to get us to the cable car.  Depending on how good it looks and price the cable car is our first option to get to Sentosa.  We eventually find the cable car and work out that it first heads to Mt Faber before doing a U turn in order to head back down Mt Faber and across to Sentosa.  If we hadn’t experienced cable car rides before, we might have done it for the (S$29 each) cost.  Instead we decide to take the monorail for a princely S$3.50 each.

As the next mono car pulls up it occurs to me that I have no idea which stop to gett off at.  I quickly check and decide we need “Beach Station”.  We get off at Beach Station and I look properly at the map…wrong… we catch the next monorail going back the opposite way and take the 1 stop back to “Imbiah” and get off to find our hotel which is right next door to the station. Moevenpick Hotel is a heritage style building and is currently being renovated…hmmm.

The finished part of the hotel is very contemporary and lovely which includes reception and our room (thankfully).  The room is excellent (S$200 per night).  The only inconvenient bit about the renovation work being done is that the construction work is noisy near the pool and the construction workers overlook the pool.  Just as well there is a beach on the island.

Its now about midday and time to go exploring.  We really wanted some time to laze on a beach and do nothing so we head to Siloso Beach which is a man made beach which stretches the length of the southern part of the island and faces the South China Sea (and all the cargo ships heading in and out of the Singapore Port).  We wander this stretch of beach, heading in the direction of the Shangri-La Hotel where there is a junior rock climbing competition happening.  We take a seat at Trappiza and order a Chicken Pizza which is really nice and a perfect beach lunch (S$20).

With lunch done we can finally hunt down a good spot on the beach and lay down for a while….30 minutes later….. we are on the move.  We decide to wander for a bit in the direction of the hotel to check out the island a bit more…guess we’ve seen the beach.

There is actually lots to see and do here and as we only have today and tomorrow a lot will have to go unexplored and saved for another time (hopefully).  Back in the room we watch a movie and clean up before heading out for dinner.  We have decided to head to Waterfront Station which is where Resorts World Sentosa dominate this section of the island.  Everything is quite big on this island.  It can obviously get quite busy at peak times and I did read somewhere that weekends and holiday times should be avoided at all cost.  Having said that, coming at a less busy time means that not everying is open, including eateries and restaurants.

With limited options available we decide on dinner at Chillis (unfortunately this rates a sad face).

Singapore’s second casino is on Sentosa island and we obviously can’t go past without giving a donation.  Alex loses S$50 on the Roullette table.  My turn, and I try my luck at a poker machine and it’s not looking good until Alex throws S$2 in a poker machine next to mine and wins S$117 on his first spin.  Well done Alex and thank u casino!  Time to celebrate ….with a kopi (local coffee).

With our caffein hit sorted we decide to head for the boardwalk and wander along the boardwalk towards some music we can hear playing.  It’s been another gorgeous night and by the time we make it to bed its midnight.  We End up staying up and watching a movie called “Evil” until 1:30am.  Tomorrow is Universal Studios day.[showmyads]

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 – Day 5