How much fun can you experience in Singapore at Universal Studios Sentosa ?

We sleep in this morning because of our ever so comfy bed at Moevenpick Hotel and our room with full window overlooking the South China Sea.

We take the one monorail stop (which we could easily walk) to Waterfront Station for breakfast at Toast Box.  Sufficiently fuelled up we head to Resorts World Sentos and join the queue for Universal Studios… entry is S$68 per adult (S$74 adult on peak days) but well worth the entry price.

This place is so much fun.  There are about 5 different worlds, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Transformers, Egypt, New York and some others.  Madagascar was so cute, Donkey (from Shrek) is very amusing.  Donkey was a live interactive screen presentation and Donkey was saying about Singapore and that Singapore has changed their slogan…initially it was “beautiful Singapore”, “Your Singapore” and now their slogan is “Singapore; who would think it would be so expensive”. How funny.

Moving on..all the entertainment was excellent, the street performers were terrific and the rides were fantastic.  Favourite ride was Transformers, close second the Egyptian mummy ride.  Water World was a live show and really excellent.  We spent 7 hours in Universal Studios, did nearly every ride (rain stopped some of the rides at one point) and walked away with 2pairs of 3/4D glasses and a smile on our faces having had a fantastic time.  They really know how to put on a show.

Finally dragging ourselves away at closing time (7:00pm) we head for dinner, chicken curry (S$5 each) and decide we will try our luck again at casino.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am wearing thongs and dress regulations won’t allow us (me) in.

With no entry to the casino entry we decide to try the Tiger Sky Tower which is a lookout type tower which raises you from ground to high up and rotates as it does so.  By the time we get to the entrance, its 9:00pm and we find out we have missed the last ride by 15 minutes.  Ok…plan “C”??

We are a bit weary, the casino wont let us in and the tiger thing is shut so we decide to have an indulgent night in, we wander slowly back to our room and settle in to watch “2 Fast, 2 Furious”…. now there’s 2 hours I will never get back!

Last day tomorrow and I find out that Alex has been keeping a secret from me.  Hmm…he has just confessed to me that he got a call from Jetstar before we left to say we got an upgrade for our flight home… how cool is that… we’re going home business class.

Looking forward to seeing Moew Meow (our cat).[showmyads]

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Thursday, 30 Aug 2012 – Day 6