Hamilton Island series: Hamilton Island, Queensland – beautiful one day perfect the next

Buggy rankHow does one describe Hamilton Island?  Let me put it this way…

Hamilton Island is one of the Whitsunday Islands and forms part of the Great Barrier Reef… quite simply, it is stunning and beautiful and all things tropical that makes one happy. 

I could really end this post right there, enough said… right?  But Hamilton Island, itself covering an area of 5 square kilometres is more than a beautiful resort island, it is fun and scenic and a little bit quirky. 

The quirkiness part of Hamilton Island is its transportation.  Transportation around the island is either on foot or by electric golf buggy which is very cool, especially given there is not a single golf course in sight (not on this island anyway, apparently Dent Island is where the golfers need to head).

I was lucky enough to travel to Hamilton Island on an all expenses paid 4 day weekend that a dear friend and work colleague received as a gift as part of the annual brown-nose of the year award from the company we both worked for.  I obviously wasn’t doing enough brown-nosing.  Thank my lucky stars that she invited me to go with her…. “Are you kidding? Absolutely I would LOVE to come!”

Our two hour flight from Brisbane airport deposited us at Hamilton Island airport and into another world.  We disembark our plane straight onto the tarmac and walk to the token “airport” building.  From here we seek out our hotel transfer shuttle bus which is not difficult to spot on an island with no cars.  In no time we are sitting on our balcony, overlooking a beautiful blue sea with blue(ish) skies above introducing ourselves to the wildlife, which in our case means a cockatoo that has decided to sub-let our balcony railing.

View from hotel balcony is perfect

View from hotel balcony is perfect

Our view from the balcony of our Coral Sea View room of the Reef View Hotel is amazing.  Our balcony overlooks Catseye Beach, the Coral Sea and several other islands of the Whitsunday.  The location and island is just glorious.

As good as the view might be, it wasn’t going to get us fed.  We head out for lunch and, as work is paying and has allocated a meal and drink allowance to feed an army, we get busy eating and it all feels so decadent which is basically exactly how you want to feel in such a fabulous location.

After lunch we head to what seems like the most obvious place to go when on a tropical beach resort island… the beach. 

With the afternoon shortly to turn to evening, we decide we have time to check out the lookout point before meeting our friends for dinner. 



Hamilton Island is also where one of our work friends has been seconded which meant him moving to the island, which he did with his girlfriend, the couple only moving there a couple of months before our visit. 

With plenty of fantastic food options available and a generous allowance to be spent, we start our food journey by inviting our friends (the couple) to join us for dinner, making a comfortable party of 4 (and not a single golf clubhouse in site). 

Tonight’s restaurant of choice is Romanos, located at the Marina and I am happy to report that we were not disappointed.  After dinner we partake of some obligatory drinks which funnily enough always seem to go down better on a tropical island.[showmyads]

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