Hamilton Island Series: Hamilton Island to Brisbane, Queensland

I have just spent three glorious days on pristine Hamilton Island, which is just one of 74 picturesque islands of the Whitsundays in Queensland. 

I am with my most favourite work friend who invited me to join her for a glorious long weekend escape to Hamilton Island as an all expenses paid recognition for her hard work from the company we both work for.

Today is our fourth and final day and we head for breakfast with the Koalas at the Wildlife Hamilton Island Park Cafe.

This is not your ordinary breakfast, being overlooked by koalas in their big eucalypt tree laden enclosure with the opportunity to get up close and personal after we eat.   Yep the’re cuddly, cute etc, etc, etc

We realise we have time for one final post-breakfast cocktail by the hotel pool bar – don’t judge… 

With our final drink downed its time to grab our bags before getting the shuttle to Hamilton Island airport for our return flight back to Brisbane.  Our direct flight into Brisbane takes 1.5 hours.

We are both feeling a little sad for leaving.  No more tropical paradise with sensational views, lazy days and fantastic meals but back to cars, cooking and that dirty four letter word… work.

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