From the Singapore Flyer to mini casino jackpots

We head off by taxi at 6:00pm to the marina area and the fountain of wealth located at the Suntec Towers.   In one section of the Suntec Towers is (another) shopping centre and, with little other option, we decide to grab a bite to eat here.  Alex decides on Turkish and we end up sharing a lamb pide and open souvlaki.  Alex opts for the traditional yoghurt drink.  Dinner totals S$50.  We eat quickly to try and catch the 8:00pm light display which happens at the Fountain of Wealth.

Sad to say this was not as spectacular as I had read and hoped it would be.  We think there was a guy behind the scenes flicking a light switch off and on and turning the fountain up and down.  I was getting concerned at how good it was going to be when when it became evident that there was not going to be a “crowd” gathering for the event.  Oh well.

From here we walk to the Singapory Flyer.  The Singapore Grand Prix is being held in Singapore in a couple of weeks and this area is where part of the track winds its way through so there are workmen buzzing about and we manage to navigate a way to the Singapore Flyer.

There are a few restaurants and shops here but we’ve already eaten and not really interested in looking at the souvenirs.  We’re just here to go on the flyer and then head off to the Marina Bay Sands to the Casino.

The Singapore Flyer is well worth the S$30 admission price each.  This is a “fantastic attraction, with unbeatable views looking across to the city, Marina Bay Sands (which we are now calling “the boat) and the Gardens by the Bay.

With our 30 minute ride over, we head off over the Helix Bridge, stopping for icecream.  The bridge is lit up in a very royal purple light and is an access bridge to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel complex.  This is a building incorporating 3 towers, linked at the top by a platform.  At the base, which is our entry point, is a large conservatory/atrium style shopping cente with all the expensive brands, which also has a river running through it, just like Venice (well…sort of).  We walk through the huge atrium until we find the casino.  Our passports are required to both enter and leave the casino.  Alex turns his S$50 into S$150 on a roulette table.  I then manage to win S$40 on a mini jackpot on the pokie machines…this doesn’t usually happen…. we like this casino.  When we travel and, if there is a casino, we will usually visit it although we usually end up effectively making a donation to the casino…not this time.  Happy with our win we head for home.

There is a big queue for taxis but it is well organised and the line moves quickly.  Our taxi driver explains there are 2 casinos in Singapore, both have only been open about 2 years and, at this main casino anyway, locals are charged S$100 if they stay more than 24 hours.

Back to the Parkroyal Hotel and again stop at the coffee shop to watch the first half of the soccer match before heading up to the room.[showmyads]

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Sunday, 26 August 2012 – Day 2(cont)