Dim Sum and Chinatown from market to upmarket

Following on from last night we head out for Indian for breakfast which is roti style egg pancake with a curry sauce.  Cost of breakfast – S$7 total.  With breakfast done we decide to head to Chinatown and our S$6 taxi drops us at Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple.

We just asked to be dropped at Chinatown and wansn’t expecting to be dropped off outside an Indian Temple in Chinatown so looks like we are not done with India yet after all…

We do a circuit of the temple, being careful to not enter any areas marked for us to stay out of.  Returning to the entrance we thankfully discover our shoes where we left them and head off down Pagoda Street which is one of the main market streets and is lined with stalls located outside of shops.

I think a return trip here one night might be on our list of things to do.  We make our way down to the Chinatown Heritage Centre (S$10 each) which is worth a look and can give relief from the heat for an hour or so.  The temperature is lovely today and actually feels cooler than last night.  We then wander down Temple Street and Smith Street.

We decided to try and find “Tai Tong” for a dim sum lunch as I noticed this was mentioned by the Heritage Museum as a long established dim sum place.  It was mentioned as being in Smith Street but despite out best efforts we don’t find it.

We end up at a busy dim sum cafe and happily sample a few dishes with our green tea as it starts to pelt rain and thunder outside.

With the rain gone we continue our diy Chinatown tour wandering through Ann Siang Hill where we stop for a cappuccino (S$7 each -aargh).  This area is certainly more westernised than Temple and Smith Streets and makes a nice contrast.  We continue through Amou Street, winding our way to Telok Ayer Street (with terrace type buildings housing mostly businesses) ending at Far East Square which is a covered eating precinct.  Our morning tour has taken us through a range of street styles from market to upmarket.

The plan for the rest of today is to chill by the hotel pool for a while (which is actually from where I am writing this) then head to the marina area tonight.[showmyads]

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Sunday, 26 August 2012 – Day 2