Departing Melbourne for Bangkok, Thailand



“Hurry up Alex, the limo guy will be here soon.”

I ignore the sideways look from Alex and give the house a last minute walk through, checking the oven is off, for the fifth time today.

With nothing left to do but wait, Alex, I and our bags sit patiently, waiting for our ride.  “Wonder what Meow Meow is doing?” wonders Alex…. “Mmmm” is all I can reply.

It is a Saturday afternoon as Alex and I pass through the lunchtime traffic of Carlton on our way to Tullamarine Airport.

Alex and I are departing Melbourne and heading to Bangkok, Thailand on a 3:05 pm Air Asia flight.

I hold Alex’s hand.  The thrust of the plane’s engines can be felt as we are pushed back gently into our seats and the safety of the grounds disappears from beneath us.

Air Asia is a low cost airline carrier which means nothing is complimentary and our thoughts turn to food once the food cart begins its first service.

Amazingly the third seat in our row of 3 seats is vacant.  With a total flying time of 9 hours for the 7500km from Melbourne to Bangkok the spare third seat gives us extra space to spread out.  “Movie time” suggests Alex.

We arrive at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport at 9:00pm local time and all I want to do is clean my teeth.

We are excited to have arrived in Bangkok and get our first sense of reality on exiting the airport, into a wonderfully mild Bangkok night.

The other great thing about arriving at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is that the taxi system is very organised.  When arriving at some Asian destinations, you will be bombarded with local taxi drivers, touting for what is usually an overpriced taxi ride.

Here, Alex and I are pleased there is an actual process.  We begin the process by joining the taxi queue.  This is too easy.

Once at the top of the queue I tell (or almost ask) the attendant “Centre Point Silom?”.  Bay number 12 is allocated to us and we head to what is an empty parking bay.  “What do you think” I ask Alex.  “I guess we wait” says Alex, in a sensible sort of way.  In a short time a green and yellow taxi pulls into our nominated bay.

“Meter?” I ask to clarify with the taxi driver.  I get a quiet “ok” in reply.  The yellow and green taxis are official taxis and are supposed to be metered taxis…BUT I always check.

Alex reminds me it is midnight Melbourne time which makes sense, given how tired we are.  Thankfully the taxi ride to our hotel only takes about 35 minutes (BHT$395 / AUD$16).

Even though we are tired we head up excitedly to our room and are both pleased with the space.  I love crisp hotel sheets and am happy to slip under the sheets, looking forward to waking to a Bangkok Sunday morning.

Tomorrow we will visit Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market and MBK Siam for a full frontal introduction to Bangkok shopping.

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