Cruise series: Sydney to Brisbane (daytime)

We have a full day at sea today which means lots of activities going on around the ship. Every night a ship newsletter called the “Cruise Compass” is delivered to our room which details all of the activities and times for the next day so that you can plan your day and the activities you might like to do…its kind of like the cruise ship bible.  I pointed out a seminar called “How to Look 10 Years Younger Today” which was being held at the Radiance Day Spa.  Alex helpfully suggested I should go twice…hmmm.

We choose to start with a breakfast in the Cascades Dining Room which again, is a lovely space.

Cascades Dining room for breakfast

Cascades Dining room for breakfast

We are seated at a table of 10, one lady we have met already because we chatted briefly yesterday. This is a great way to meet new people (…even if you don’t want to).

After breakfast Alex heads off to a photography session, but quickly returns to the room explaining, it wasn’t a workshop so much as a product promotion (ie sell sell sell), aimed at a different audience, pity.

We head to the main pool area (of which there are two pool areas) and relax on a banana lounge (sun lounge?) for a while.

I forgot to go to the 11:00am seminar on “Secrets to a Flatter Stomach”…oh well.

Alex enjoys playing soccer so I suggest he go to the Soccer Tournament (which is a 3 on 3 playoff). We head up to the tournament late and it has already started. We figure we would just watch them play for a while and then head off to lunch. Alex goes over to chat with the organiser while the games are part way done and, five minutes later I look up and Alex is subbed on to play in the play-off game! His team of 3 wins…and Alex walks away with a bronze medal….what a scammer!!

Lunch and a lazy afternoon of reading and relaxing…..



and consulting our Cruise Compass to plan tonight’s activities.[showmyads]

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