Cruise series: Sydney to Brisbane (evening)


Cascades Dining Room for dinner (with people)
Cascades Dining Room for dinner

There were two sessions of the headline act in the Aurora Theatre tonight. The show is called “The Aussie Boys” and we go to the 8:45pm show, after our usual excellent dinner in the Cascades Dining Room.

The show was a fun “singalong” (for the Australian passengers…..I guess) as it was a series of Australiana songs sung by 3 young lads.  Overall the quality of the shows is pretty good.

Aurora Theatre

Aurora Theatre

We stop in back at our room after the theatre and our “Stateroom Attendant”, Ikomang has been into our room for the 3rd time today to re-tidy our room and he has left a stingray shaped towel for us on our bed.  Must remember to tidy our room before leaving in future so that Ikomang thinks well of us….Ikomang has his very own business card and the motto on his business card is “Answer it Royally”…I am not sure what that means but he is super lovely to us.

We head back down to deck 6 to the Casino Royale and, although it takes us a little while, we manage to eventually give back US$30 of last night’s winnings (sad face).   Regardless, we enjoy a cocktail and make plans for our day tomorrow in Brisbane.[showmyads]

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