Cruise series: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Like a sunrise...coming into Darling Harbour

Like a sunrise…coming into Darling Harbour

I am hopeless at getting up early and we have to be up at some frightful hour in order to be ready for our 7:10am disembarkation from the Radiance of the Seas which means I manage to see sunrise as we pass through the heads into Sydney Harbour.

The process this morning, after a quick shower and breakfast, is to make our way to the Colony Club where we will wait to be called to disembark.  It isn’t long at all before our number comes up and we are directed to head down to deck 3.  We show our passcard for the last time before walking the gangplank to the dock and solid ground.  It is amazing how organised and quick things can be when it comes to final disembarkation.  On the dock in a shed are rows and rows of passengers’ bags and hiding somewhere are our little cases.  We efficiently go searching in opposite directions and, with bags in tow, leave the dock shed and head for darling harbour. 

Sad face...back on solid ground and back where it all began

Sad face…back on solid ground and back where it all began

I have arranged for us to meet a friend for a coffee and catch up at a cafe in Darling Harbour.  We appear to wear out our welcome at this cafe and are eventually given the bill as a hurry up (apparently just ordering coffees doesn’t pay the bills).  We grab our suitcases and move location.

With another cafe and another round of coffees consumed, it is time to say goodbye and we ring the transfer company to collect us for our return transfer to the airport.  We are collected and dropped at Sydney Airport by midday in plenty of time for our 2:00pm flight and quickly find ourselves sucked into the devilish charms of the take away food area and devour our first take away meal in 10 days.

As lovely as it is to travel and explore, it is a nice feeling to be heading home at the end of a fantastic trip away.  With one uneventful flight home (thank you Qantas) we arrive at Melbourne at 3:30pm and ring the car parking company to come and collect us.

Thank you Qantas for your impeccable safety record

Thank you Qantas for your impeccable safety record

In the minivan on the way back to the parking place, I hear them talking about a car registration number on their radio…  I quietly turn to Alex and say “isn’t that your rego”.   The person was saying that it was parked in the wrong spot.  We arrive at the multi level carpark and all seems ok until Alex goes off to grab the car.  I am called back into the office (feeling like a naughty child called to the principal’s office) and am told that we (Alex) parked the car in the wrong spot. We are asked to pay an additional $20 to make up for the price difference (between uncovered and covered).  Good one Alex!…(yeah I know you didn’t do it on purpose).

Nearly home and we are anxious to see that the house is still in one piece and that Meow Meow (the cat) is still alive and hopefully talking to us.  Check and Check! 

Its nice to be home.[showmyads]

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And this ends the Royal Carribean Cruise series.  I hope you enjoyed the read.