Cruise series: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia (evening)


A last look at Newcastle from our stateroom balcony

A last look at Newcastle from our stateroom balcony

Back on board the Radiance of the Seas after our busy last full day in Newcastle, I have time to get in some last minute reading on our private balcony before setting about the annoying task of packing.

We figure we should get our packing done and out of the way before dinner so that we can then have a relaxing last night.  We are required to have our packed bags placed in the hallway by 11:00pm tonight for collection.  We will then receive our bags back tomorrow on departure.

It makes life easier that it is casual dress tonight for dinner and we are seated next to a nice bloke having dinner with his 18 year old daughter (as his wife and son decided to stay in their room).  Alex and …forgot his name…talk soccer etc and it is a lovely last meal to end our cruise.

We decide to give the “Farewell Showtime” performance a miss tonight and opt for the excitement of the Casino (fingers crossed) !!!!!

If you have a gambling help

If you have a gambling problem…seek help

It won’t be a late night for us anyway as we have to be off the ship by 7:10am tomorrow morning…yikes!

So we roll the dice (or spin the roulette wheel in our case) one last time.  While I effectively donate my money to the casino, Alex again keeps us afloat and has another win on Roulette…yay Alex!

Overall, our numerous casino visits have made us around US$150 profit which (by coincidence) was the amount we paid in additional gratuities to Inkomang (our stateroom attendant) and our waiter and head waiter.  I guess it works out nicely that the Casino has effectively given the ship’s staff a Christmas bonus! 

It’s still pretty early but we decide to enjoy our last night in the comfort of our stateroom and watch a movie in bed. 

During dinner we were told by another passenger that, because the ship has to only travel the short distance of approximately 150km from Newcastle to Sydney over a period of about 9 hours, the ship will be doing about 8kts compared to other speeds during the trip of 20kts. Apparently, also in addition to going at a snail’s pace, the ship will be doing laps outside Sydney heads in order to arrive in Sydney port at the scheduled time. 

I take the chance to look over the balcony before going to bed and we are barely moving through the water….how funny.  As with all trips, its great while you are away but now that the holiday is practically over, I look forward to getting on our Qantas flight back to Melbourne and home.[showmyads]

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