Cruise series: Cairns to Newcastle via Whitsunday Islands (evening)

Tonight is suggested formal wear for dinner so we put on our nice clothes and head to the dining room.  Alex looks so respectable in his suit.  With another lovely meal under our belts (literally) Alex gives a personal gratuity of US$30 to our Indian waiter Sakthmal and the head waiter also of US$30 to say thank you. 

The Headliner Showtime has started by the time we reach the theatre which is fine and although there is pretty much a packed house we sneak in and quietly find a couple of seats up the back.   Tonight is “The Fab Four”, a tribute Beatles band which is ok.

There are a couple of things on tonight after the Fab Four are finished which sound like fun.  One is “The Love and Marriage Game Show” followed by an 80’s dance party in the central atrium which finishes at midnight.

The Love and Marriage Game Show is a lot of fun to watch, 4 couples (ranging in marriage length from 6 months to 53 years) are asked question about their respective partner (without them hearing) and then their partner has to separately give their answer to the same question.  The most “matches” wins…so embarrassing (for them…not me) and this is laugh out loud funny and puts us in excellent spirits for the 80’s dance party.

We have changed out of our formal wear (with Alex now looking less respectable than he was in his suit) and head to the 80’s dance party where we really cut up the dance floor (hmmm) and manage to last a full half hour until the music finishes at midnight.  With my cocktail going down quite well…it seems natural to try another cocktail in the disco on deck 13…party party party!  The bar up here comes complete with revolving central island bar – so daggy but certainly a talking point (and if I think back a few years…I recall revolving floors being quite tricky after too many bevies).

We expected a lot of people from the 80’s dance party to come up to the disco but it seems they have all headed elsewhere (obviously avoiding revolving floors and/or mirror balls).  We stick it out for a bit longer and then figure we will try one of the other bars to see what’s going on….not much there either…oh well…its been a fun night so we drink up and head back to the sanctuary of our stateroom and another romantic full moon viewed from our balcony.

Inkomang has done us a towel monkey…how cute. 

Towel monkey (or baby) complete with Alex's sunglasses and bronze medal from soccer

Towel monkey (or baby) complete with Alex’s sunglasses and bronze medal from soccer

Yes…I confess…I mistook it for a baby and Alex found it hilarious that I thought that Inkomang would do a hanging baby… “maybe he just did” is the best reply I can manage…feeling like an idiot.[showmyads]

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