Cruise series: Cairns to Newcastle (evening)

Tonight we are starting to get sad, it is now the countdown to the end of the cruise.  We have one full day in Newcastle tomorrow and our last meal in the dining room tomorrow night.  So, for our second last meal of the cruise, we are certainly not disappointed with a delicious entree of creamed mushrooms on filo pastry and for main…Kangaroo (is it crazy to eat an animal significant enough to be incorporated into your national emblem?).

The kangaroo was so tender.  I didn’t actually order the kangaroo, Alex ordered it as his main, but my meat was not as not as nice as other nights, so I helped Alex out with his meal….  It was fortunate that the American couple we were seated next to tonight somehow ordered a second main meal of prawns for Alex and so he felt obliged to eat the prawns and I ate the rest of his kangaroo…perfect.

The 9:00pm production Showtime is “Tango Buenos Aires” and is a mix of professional tango dancers and the Royal Carribean dancers.  The dancing is amazing and the legwork is so quick (and almost as quick as Alex’s legwork on the dancefloor).

To entertain us next is “The Quest Adult Game Show” which is a group game, held in the Colony Club. 

The Colony Club

The Colony Club

Our host stands on the (non-revolving) dance floor. 

The Colony Club with non-revolving dance floor (in daylight)

The Colony Club with non-revolving dance floor (in daylight)

Passengers have formed groups and the host nominates a series of “quests” or things that each group must find and bring up to him as quickly as possible.  The group who is the fastest, most often, in bringing the items to the host (or completing the “quest”) is the winner. 

The host calls out for such things as:
 “show me a man wearing a ladies bra”
 “show me an appendix scar”
 “bring me a set of false teeth” (yuck!) etc etc etc.

At the end of each completed quest the audience cries out “Yeehaa!”. 

For the goups, there was much frantic activity as they raced around in every direction completing the quests and there were moments of complete chaos.  The finale was a quest requiring a male member of each group to wear as many items of women’s clothing etc as possible (ie lipstick, handbag, bra, shoes).  The things people do for a bit of fun.  Speaking of fun…we head back to our room where Alex puts on my lipstick, handbag, bra, shoes…. kidding Alex!

Looking forward to exploring Newcastle tomorrow.[showmyads]

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