Cruise series: Cairns, Queensland Australia (evening)

We are back on board the Radiance of the Seas at 4:30pm following our day exploring Cairns.  I spend some time when we get back actually catching up on some blogging and before I know it its 7:00pm and we need to think about dinner…what’s there to think about…so we get ready and make our way to the Cascades Dining Room for our usual 3 course dinner (and glass of red wine …of course).

There are other dinner options on board the ship, for example the Windjammer has a buffet style dinner available and there are other packages that we could have purchased to allow us into an onboard steakhouse, Japanese restaurant (which isn’t Alex’s favourite anyway) or even the ‘Captains Table’.  All of these other eateries are at an added cost and we are happy with our arrangement; our waiters are really nice and fun, we are meeting lovely people every evening and the meals are excellent.

The 9:00pm theatre production tonight is another singing compilation and is a bit disappointing… it was all very well performed, maybe I just wasn’t in the mood.

After the show we head up to our room briefly so we can change into something more casual for the party on the pool deck which also includes another buffet…more food ?? (I guess we don’t have to eat any of it ??).  As well as a large spread of food there is a decorative watermelon sculpture of Father Christmas’s head and an ice sculpture, like one sculpture wasn’t enough.

The dance party is kicked off by some line dancing including the electric something, the bus stop, the macharaena (??) and a couple of others.  Not sure that it wasn’t just a disguised workout for the passengers?  Anyway, its not my thing in terms of participation…but we watch comfortably from the upper deck, cocktail in hand (of course).

With the participation part of the evening over, and without much prompting by me (ie “wanna dance?”), Alex and I are in amongst the freestyle dancing…I don’t know the songs…its all dance stuff but we jump up and down and wave our arms and we seem to blend in ok ???

Sadly we only manage to party as long as the 17 year olds tonight (who have a compulsory midnight curfew) before heading back to our room…with Alex moonwalking part of the way (so not cool !).

There is a full moon tonight and the sky is fairly cloud free and I thought we would have seen a million stars but there are actually very few, although we can see the ocean quite clearly and there are a couple of beacons flashing in the distance.  In comparison, on a previous evening of full cloud cover it was pitch black and you couldn’t see a thing and was a bit eerie.  But tonight…the moonlight over the water is very romantic….Alex????

There is a section in the Cruise Compass for people to post happy birthday notices etc…well tonight there is the following post “To Sue Dunton will you marry me? Love Bug”….hope those crazy kids are enjoying this moonlit evening![showmyads]

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