Cruise series: Brisbane to Airlie Beach (evening)

We are back to the Cascades Dining Room for dinner and tonight’s meal is lovely so all is forgiven for consequences of last night’s crab cake.

We are seated next to two ladies from the United Kingdom and, together with our amusing Indian waiter it is a fun meal. We actually lose track of time and end up missing out on going to the show in the theatre tonight so we alter our plans and make a quick detour to the casino…(not problem gamblers). Anyway, Alex managed to win US$40 on roulette…good one Alex.

There is a 50’s and 60’s Rock n Roll Dance Party on in the Colony Club on deck 6…party/party/party…seems like the place to be tonight.  After a slow start, this turns out to be a good laugh with the Entertainment Director getting up some audience members to do an Elvis lip sink impersonation and hip gyration…Alex and I even have a bit of a go at doing the twist on the dance floor which is packed by the time we get up….(Alex I don’t think the moonwalk is from the 50’s or the 60’s).

Since we first boarded the Radiance of the Seas, we have met and chatted with loads of people, everyone is in such a good mood because we’re all in the same boat (literally) and having a boatload of fun…..(sorry…bad I know).

On our way back to our room we have to pass through the “Schooner Bar” and there is a “Piano Bar Entertainer” playing so we decide we have just enough time to sample a couple of cocktails.

Tomorrow we wake up docked offshore of Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland…nice. We are greeted back at our room with our Cruise Compasss and a towel swan. Thank you Ikomang (our Stateroom Attendant).

Swan towel and Cruise Compass

Swan towel and Cruise Compass


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