Cruise series: Brisbane to Airlie Beach (daytime)


Windjammer for breakfast

Windjammer for breakfast

Thankfully I fell asleep eventually last night and when I woke this morning my stomach cramps and pains from last night were all gone. Ok..time to eat!!!! (not kidding).

We head to the breakfast buffet in Windjammer on deck 11 (although I do go for the safety of bran and fruit) and then to my first seminar of the day.

My 10:45am session on “Stress, Longevity & Chinese Medicine Seminar” is held in the Schooner Bar on deck 6 and is attended by about 12 other passengers. This seminar is given by the ship’s Accupunturist and it does contain some useful information about accupuncture and how it “works” in relieving stress and body ailments etc.  Afterwards I don’t necessarily feel any less stressed or feel like I will live longer but for US$150 I was told I could partake of a acupuncture session which would do this for me….of course!

Alex and I spend the afternoon exploring the different decks, starting from deck 2 and working our way up. We only make it to deck 5 today before we stop for some window shopping and a coffee (coincidentally on deck 5)….

Coffee at Cafe Latte-tudes

Coffee at Cafe Latte-tudes

but the good thing is that we were inspired….while sitting on the banana lounge on the deck exterior having our coffee I noticed people walking laps. I found out this deck takes you a full circuit of the ship and is approx .5km in distance.

What a novel idea…exercise….so Alex decided to head off to the gym and I spent the next half hour doing laps of deck 5 ….and I do feel much better for it…need to work off some of this (delicious) food.

With our exercise for the day taken care of we head off to a 4:00pm showing of “Dark Shadows” in the Cinema on deck 6. The cinema holds about 150 people and people were standing at the door when we got there at 4:00pm.  Note to self…get to the movie early so that you actually get a seat !..missed out on the movie but am sure it will be showing again.

I discovered the front of the ship (complete with helipad) when walking my laps of deck 5 and I take Alex there instead (where we DO NOT do a titanic re-enactment).  It is a really nice spot actually, to stand there with nothing in front of you but open ocean as the ship pushes its way along, and barely anybody makes there way up here so it is a nice peaceful space.

The Bridge and helipad

The Bridge and helipad

From here we head all .25km to the very back of the boat where the 9 hole mini golf course is located and where Alex challenges me to a game (silly boy) (and…not that it matters but….I won!).

Mini Golf ....of course

Mini Golf ….of course

Tonight’s plan… an early dinner sitting, catch the 9:00pm Headliner Showtime (Starring Ben Murphy in the Aurora Theatre on decks 5 &6) before going to the 50’s & 60’s Rock n Roll Dance Party….busy busy busy.[showmyads]

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