Cruise series: Brisbane Australia (evening)

Having spent the morning doing our DIY 4 hour walking tour of Brisbane city, we enjoy a relaxing lunch back on board the Carribean of the Seas before finding two banana lounge chairs by the pool in the “Spa” area.

There are two pools on the ship, the main pool is located in the centre of the ship. The main pool is uncovered, has a DJ at one end pumping out tunes and a bar at the other end. This pool is used by adults and children alike.

The other pool is the “Spa” area. This pool is covered, has a constant recording of birds chirping and has a water cooler and coffee table at one end.  This pool is used mostly by silver hairs (senior citizens).

"Spa" pool area - no floating bandaids here

“Spa” pool area – no floating bandaids here

A passenger told me that they were in the main pool and saw a bandaid go floating past them….eewwww!

After falling asleep by the pool (yep…its tough) we clean up and head off to dinner.  Each night there is a different dress code in the Cascades Dining Room.  Last night was formal, tonight is casual and until now, the meals have been terrific.  Unfortunately, tonight I ordered a crab cake for entrée which didn’t agree with me at all.  I began feeling ill even before I ordered my main meal.  I struggled to eat a few mouthfuls of my main although I somehow managed to finish my dessert (weird?).

Anyway, we head straight back to our room and for the next couple of hours I have stomach pains and cramps…bugger….night over for us, and on the night of the 70’s party in the disco.[showmyads]

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