Cruise series: Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland Australia (evening)

Central staircase and waterfall in Cascades Dining Room

Central staircase and waterfall in Cascades Dining Room

Christmas eve dinner tonight and we are looking forward to our usual three course meal in the Cascades Dining Room.

As with all our meals and we are again seated next to a couple. The lady told us of her eventful afternoon in the silver hairs’ swimming pool where there was a situation where a male passenger jumped into the pool, underestimated the depth of the pool and started to sink (and drown)….she explained how she saw this unfolding from across the pool, called for help and swam across to try and keep him afloat while two other men came to the rescue, eventually pulling the gentleman out of the water…never a dull moment.

I wonder what's on tonight in the Aurora Theatre?

I wonder what’s on tonight in the Aurora Theatre?

Tonight’s theatre show is “Christmas Eve Showtime, A Royal Christmas”…an all singing and dancing routine….just in case we haven’t heard enough Christmas carols yet.

Afterwards, in the Centrum (the central atrium area) there is even more singing…yep…”Christmas Eve Carolling”….

Central Atrium

Central Atrium

Of all of the entertainment on the ship, there is generally a lot of musical entertainment (especially of an evening), whether it is karaoke, trios, duets, piano men, and the singing acts or performers in the theatre. Also tonight, because it is Christmas Eve, there is midnight mass available and an interdenominational service, so everybody’s Christmas needs are catered for…especially for those who enjoy carol singing (…anybody??).

We are all sung out and retire to our room, looking forward to a day at sea tomorrow as the boat/ship/thing takes us further north up along the east coast of Australia to Cairns.[showmyads]

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