Confessions and discoveries about Trip Advisor

I have two things to confess. 

Confession number 1: 

I am not the smartest bear in the tech savy woods.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say technologically challenged, I do ok but I am being quickly upgraded in technology terms thanks to Alex.  Now, technically that’s not a “thank you” as the jury is still out on whether this is a good or bad thing so will hold off on praise for Alex for now.

Confession number 2:

I have discovered Trip Advisor city guide apps for my smartphone (which is also a relatively new advancement for me).  I am already a fan of Trip Advisor but I have only just discovered the city guide apps while planning a trip for Alex and me to New York.  

So get to the point? 

There I was, minding my own business browsing Trip Advisor (on my smartphone) after choosing “things to do”, “New York” then “find attractions” when hey presto up comes an option for me to “Get a free guide” (which can be used offline too – because its an app – so Alex told me).  Normally I am the first person to go delete when I see someone offering anything “free”.

Anyway, I followed the arrows to download the app (how cool do I sound) and I am now the happy owner of a New York City city guide app.  Since downloading the app my phone hasn’t exploded, been hijacked or hacked and all my information is still there … so far so good.

Within the app I can choose to “save” attractions, restaurants etc, which I can then view as a map while also having all the reviews and information I need in one handy location in the palm of my hand.  It doesn’t seem to be available for every city but certainly for the biggies anyway.

I assume you all probably know this already and are saying “der” to this right now (or at least Alex is) so…  for those other “Leonie’s” of the world, I say enjoy this super handy travel app.

And to Alex I say…. ummm…. “thank you Alex!”.[showmyads]