Centre Point Hotel Silom, Bangkok Thailand

Centre Point Hotel Silom pool is cool

Centre Point Hotel Silom pool is cool


Alex and I are staying at the Centre Point Hotel Silom in Bangkok, Thailand.  I have had a “time out” from busy Bangkok and am spending the day in and around the hotel pool which has been a very necessary break after our first two days in Bangkok.

Alex is venturing off on his own to Sukhomvit Road to meet a friend and watch soccer.  Sounds awesome, …back to the pool for me thanks.


It is early evening and am spending a moment enjoying the view from our 26th floor balcony of the Centre Point Hotel Silom.  I can see freeways as they intersect the city.

Centre Point Hotel Silom balcony balcony view

Centre Point Hotel Silom balcony balcony view

From my secret vantage point, I am free to watch the happenings on busy Charoengkrung Street below.  I watch people negotiate the pedestrian crossing, some better than others.

I also watch the struggle of 2 ambulances as cars ignore the plea of the siren or probably simply cannot move due to the volume of traffic.  One ambulance appeared to simply give up and disappeared down a side street.  The other ambulance did manage get through the traffic, eventually.



Alex is back in one piece.  Neither of us has had dinner so we head off down the street.  We stumble across a Turkish kebab place.

“Alex…what do you think?”.  Who am I kidding, Alex loves a kebab and his immediate response is “yes”.

Our kebabs are great and a bargain at only THB$240 (AUD$10).  Alex also has a Turkish yoghurt drink (yuk, which is not its official name, just what I call it) and chats with the owner before we thank him in Turkish…”Tesekkurler” (“Thank you”) and say goodbye.

Today has been a fantastic relaxing day but strangely we are no less tired than any other “busy” day….how bazaar.

Tomorrow we get back to being busy tourists, well I do anyway.  I am excited to be doing a longtail boat ride around some Bangkok canals.  Meanwhile Alex will be going to Pantip Plaza.  I read that Pantip Plaza is a supermall for computer and gadget geeks… “Alex….don’t be such a nerd!”.


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