Hamilton Island series: Hamilton Island, Queensland – beautiful one day perfect the next

Buggy rankHow does one describe Hamilton Island?  Let me put it this way…

Hamilton Island is one of the Whitsunday Islands and forms part of the Great Barrier Reef… quite simply, it is stunning and beautiful and all things tropical that makes one happy. 

I could really end this post right there, enough said… right?  But Hamilton Island, itself covering an area of 5 square kilometres is more than a beautiful resort island, it is fun and scenic and a little bit quirky.  Continue reading

Sherbrooke Forest, Dandenong Ranges National Park, Victoria

Sherbrooke Forest - ferns along the track

Sherbrooke Forest – ferns along the track

Alex and I are heading out today to the Sherbrooke Forest which is located in the Dandenong Ranges National Park, 40km east of Melbourne.  Our plan is to walk to the Sherbrooke Falls which are located within the national park.  The walk should take us about 1 hour (round trip). Continue reading

Canberra, Australia with its galleries, monuments and museums

Parliament House, Canberra

Parliament House, Canberra

I recently had the chance to visit Canberra, Australia, not having been there for many years and had an excellent time exploring (with friends) the various buildings and exhibitions open to the public in a city which is easy to travel around (by car), clean and safe. Continue reading

Departing Melbourne for Canberra and a weekend with friends

Ok. So I havn’t been to Canberra for about 20 years (has it really been that long?).  My last trip to Canberra I did on my own.  I hadn’t had my licence long and I drove the 7 odd hours in my Torana, returning to Melbourne via Bateman’s Bay where I met some people and was invited to a party in a bikie clubhouse and stayed up till dawn. Continue reading

Life’s a beach at Seaford Beach, Melbourne Victoria

Seaford Beach, Melbourne Australia

Seaford Beach, Melbourne Australia

How good is this.  It has taken Alex and me 30 minutes to get to Seaford Beach, Melbourne by car, using the Eastern Freeway all the way and passing through a total of a mere 3 traffic lights (too easy).   It is 5:00pm on a Saturday and still about 32 degrees.  There is hardly anybody on the beach, the water is perfect and there is the occasional tease of a breeze.

Continue reading

Who doesn’t love a beach, what about Mornington Beach, Melbourne, Australia


Mornington Main Street
Mornington Main Street


It is a brilliant Saturday morning with the temperature forecast to reach 31 degrees today… sounds like a beach kind of day, maybe a Mornington Beach kind of day.

The drive takes us about 40 minutes.

Mornington is a seaside suburb of Melbourne and has a mix of both permanent and holiday residents and is not necessarily an economically challenged area. Continue reading

Want to know what is going on at the Australian Open, the Hilton Hotel and South Wharf, Melbourne, Australia?

I won’t deny I love living in Melbourne.

It is a fantastic thing about a place where you live when you continue to discover new precincts/areas and things to do.  This is what Alex and I experienced this weekend when we went to the Australian Open at Melbourne Park and stayed at the Hilton Hotel, South Wharf, Melbourne. Continue reading