Confessions and discoveries about Trip Advisor

I have two things to confess. 

Confession number 1: 

I am not the smartest bear in the tech savy woods.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say technologically challenged, I do ok but I am being quickly upgraded in technology terms thanks to Alex.  Now, technically that’s not a “thank you” as the jury is still out on whether this is a good or bad thing so will hold off on praise for Alex for now.

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A flash Christmas party at Mural Hall, Melbourne and a not so flash taxi ride home

So it’s approaching Christmas and time for the annual Christmas work function (groan).  Working in a fairly large office you get invited to some nice Christmas party venues and the venue this year is one I am looking forward to although its probably not necessarily the coolest Christmas party venue.  The coolest venue was probably the Big Brother house at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast while I was living in Brisbane but I am getting off topic… oh yeah… Mural Hall, Melbourne ! Continue reading

Hilton Hotel, South Wharf, Melbourne Australia Review

My (long suffering) partner Alex did a very smart thing recently when he booked us to stay a night at the “new” Hilton Hotel at South Wharf, Melbourne.  I actually initially gave him a hard time about booking a hotel at South Wharf given we were going to attend the tennis that night and the Tennis Centre is at the opposite end of the city to South Wharf.  But… having now stayed at the Hilton, South Wharf, I take it all back Alex and admit that I was r…r…wrong (which is very difficult to admit)! Continue reading

Camberwell Market Melbourne trash to treasure review

Camberwell Sunday Market Melbourne

Camberwell Sunday Market Melbourne

A sunny Sunday morning leads us to decide on a visit to the Camberwell Market, which is a market, held in…Camberwell (in the carpark at the rear of Burke and Riversdale Roads, Camberwell to be precise) and is a Sunday market aimed at turning trash to treasure. Continue reading