Cruise series: Sydney to Brisbane (daytime)

We have a full day at sea today which means lots of activities going on around the ship. Every night a ship newsletter called the “Cruise Compass” is delivered to our room which details all of the activities and times for the next day so that you can plan your day and the activities you might like to do…its kind of like the cruise ship bible.  I pointed out a seminar called “How to Look 10 Years Younger Today” which was being held at the Radiance Day Spa.  Alex helpfully suggested I should go twice…hmmm. Continue reading

Cruise series: Departing Melbourne for Sydney to board our Royal Carribean Cruise

Departing Melbourne for Sydney today, we headed off from home at 9:00am for our 11:30am Qantas flight to Sydney. We gave some final instructions to Meow Meow (the cat) and explained to him (for the fourth time) that we will be away, to use his cat door and to drink lots of water….(and before you call the RSPCA…we do have a neighbour feeding him in case he doesn’t manage to make it inside for his indoor food bowl). he’ll be fine…we think… Continue reading

Cruise series: Royal Carribean Radiance of the Seas

Alex and I are finishing work for the year and heading off on our Royal Carribean Radiance of the Seas cruise.

We have an 11:30am flight with our pre-paid $83 parking booked in.

We need a selection of day time and night time clothes for the cruise (including a suit for Alex) so our usual skimpy backpack (for the cheaper airline’s usual 7kg limit) has been swapped for a propper suitcase which allows a 23kg limit.

Dinner most nights will be in the dining room which requires something more than shorts and tee shirt.

Alex is looking forward to the trip as a big cruise ship is a new experience for him and he is hoping that the fact he can’t swim won’ t be an issue.

Was it so wrong of me to make him watch Titanic?[showmyads]

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