Caravan Park Accommodation – why not give it a try

Caravan park accommodation - you won't find a better view

Caravan park accommodation – you won’t find a better view

Here’s a thought…next time you are looking for good value accommodation, why not consider the humble caravan park accommodation.

With views like these from you own private balcony of your deluxe cabin for the cost of $190 per night…why wouldn’t you !

Still not sure… I’ll give you 5 good reasons.

Value for money

Costs can range for caravan park accommodation from about $40 (depending on the season) for an un-powered site (suitable for a tent).  From this base amount, prices increase through a range of powered sites, on-site caravans, cabins and deluxe cabins (often accommodating families or groups) often costing less than a reasonably priced hotel room at about $200.

Basic camp site
Basic camp site



Caravan parks can often be well located near town centres, entertainment destinations (theme parks), rivers, walks, national parks or beaches.  Having said that, most often you will need a car to get there…and if you are intending on bringing your own caravan, a car might be handy (for purposes of towing the caravan…yes??).


Caravan park accommodation draws like minded people, with an adventurous spirit.  The nature and openness of caravan parks is conducive to being social, not to mention the need to use shared facilities for those in a tent or caravan.


Some of the larger caravan parks are perfect for families.  Some have laundries and bbq facilities.  Some have varying degrees of fun stuff (which is often all free) for kids including trampolines, video arcade rooms and swimming pools. The internal caravan park roads and paths can also perfect for bike riding, roller blading and skate boarding (but remember to be careful kids).

Choice of accommodation styles

The range of caravan park accommodation options often include un-powered sites, powered sites (for both tents or caravans), on-site caravans, cabins and deluxe cabins.  Seems like there is something to suit everyone.  The deluxe cabins, some with excellent views can be considered more Glamping (a combination of camping and glam) is so trending.

Soooo…I think the moral of the story is that, when planning your next weekend break or holiday, maybe consider the humble caravan park and have a real (cheap, fun and social) adventure.