Bendigo, Victoria: Bendigo to Melbourne via Woodend

The Village Larder and other shops in Woodend

The Village Larder and other shops in Woodend

Alex and I have spent the Easter long weekend in the charming Victorian country town of Bendigo, located 140km north-north-west of Melbourne.

We have had a great weekend and last night’s Blues Tram was great fun.

Today we will have breakfast in Bendigo before heading home to Melbourne via a brief stop in Woodend.

Despite Bendigo hosting a 3 hour torchlight street parade last night (in which our Blues Tram led the parade), there is another street parade happening today. I guess sometimes one street parade is never enough? Unfortunately for us, today’s street parade begins at 1:00pm and we won’t be hanging around to watch.

By the time we leave our accommodation after check-out, View Street and Pall Mall are already closed to traffic and we need to drive carefully along View Street as people have started to gather along the road, setting their place early for the parade.

As we approach the midway point of our drive home, we turn-off the Calder Freeway to take the detour for the even smaller country town of Woodend.

Woodend according to Wikipedia:

“Woodend is a small town in Victoria, Australia. The town is in the Shire of Macedon Ranges local government area. It is bypassed to the east and north by the Calder Freeway (M79) and is located about halfway between Melbourne and Bendigo.”

Our welcome to Woodend is via its beautiful Avenue of Honour.

Avenue of Honour according to Wikipedia:

“Avenue of Honour is the term given to a memorial avenue of trees, with each tree symbolising a person.

The tradition, which originated in the Goldfields region of Victoria, Australia is an important part of Australian culture.

Most avenues are in remembrance of those who fought or died war, particularly the Great War – World War I (1914–1918), from the town in which the avenue was planted. Since soldiers were grouped by the place they were recruited, a military defeat often meant all of the men of eligible age from the town were killed in the same battle. Many of the avenue’s trees include metal plaques naming the victims.

Many of these avenues now feature large, established trees and exotic species.”


Woodend Avenue of Honour

Woodend Avenue of Honour

Woodend gives us a good chance to stop for a coffee and take a break from driving.

Woodend main drag or high street (depending on which side of the tracks your from)

Woodend main drag or high street (depending on which side of the tracks your from)

Near the end of the main drag (ie the high street) sits The Village Larder (“Licensed Cafe and Food Store”).  Inside is dotted with kitch 50’s tables complete with formica tops and chrome edges.  The matching kitch metal chairs are super comfortable and the atmosphere here makes a perfect spot for us to read the Sunday paper over a coffee.

We eventually look to leave the comfort of The Village Larder and the charm of Woodend to finish our journey home to Meow Meow (the cat) who is probably wondering where we are… or probably hasn’t noticed we’ve been gone… one of the two?

Thank you Bendigo for what has been an excellent weekend break.

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