Vietnam series: Bangkok Thailand hotels and shopping at the MBK Centre

MBK Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

MBK Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

I am at the Dang Derm Hotel in Bangkok Thailand and I can’t leave this place quick enough (Dang Derm, not Bangkok Thailand) so first thing in the morning I have my bag packed and make my way down to reception. 

Last night I stood at this same reception desk asking (like a real nanna) to be moved to a different room courtesy of a constant DUF DUF noise emanating from the nightclub located 5 floors below my bed (or was that under my bed?).

When I arrived yesterday at the Dang Derm Hotel (located at 1 Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand) I stupidly pre-paid 2 nights in advance for the hotel room.  I never, ever pre-pay unless I already know or have researched the hotel.  I didn’t know anything about this place.  What was I thinking? 

Meanwhile, I find myself again at the reception area and there are different people on the desk from last night.  I am hoping for a better result than I got last night. 

I explain my situation (ie I don’t like my room) and that I would not be staying for the 2nd night’s accommodation (ie I want my money back).  I reasoned that I paid up-front in good faith (ie don’t punish my stupidity), expecting a decent night’s sleep in return (ie not constant DUF DUF). 

My request was simple… a refund of my 2nd night’s accommodation pleeeeease.  The reply was that they cannot do this.  I repeat my reasoning… I paid in advance in good faith for 2 nights’ accommodation and, unless you can move me to a different room, I am unable to stay in that room for a second night and would like a refund pleeeeeease.

With a blatent refusal to refund me any money, he then comes out with this line…

“We don’t have refund button”.  

What a classic!

Der… nobody has a refund button. You need to make a refund happen, it won’t happen on its own buddy.  Nobody has an “any key” on their computer keyboard either….

I am tired, frustrated and sadly not winning.  He finally offers up a meagre “I am sorry”.  My parting words… 

“I don’t think you are sorry”

stomp stomp stomp.

I go outside and gather my inner calm… breathe…. breathe. 

Time to put accommodation plan B into action but I hadn’t considered a plan B.  Then it occurs to me… Hotel De Moc. 

This is the first hotel I stayed in with my brother and his girlfriend when we arrived in Bangkok at the start of our journey.  Sure we laughed at it way back 30 odd days ago when we first arrived in Bangkok.  But now… now I am willing to appreciate the peace and quite of the Hotel De Moc – even if its rooms overlook a freeway.  What I wouldn’t have given last night for the quiet din of the freeway traffic.

There are worse things than a freeway

There are worse things than a freeway

I send a text to my brother to update him of my plans:

“Hi. I am @ De Moc.  Other hotel bad.”

As it turns out my brother and his girlfriend also had an unsatisfactory experience at their accommodation near Khao San Road and were also relocating themselves back to the Hotel De Moc.

While waiting for the others to make their way to the Hotel De Moc I text Alex and update:

“Everything ok but let’s just say have had better mornings.  Ready 2 come home now”

The Dang Derm Hotel cost me my sanity and AUD$56.50 pre-paid room charge. 
The cost of my last night at the Hotel De Moc is VND$1,600,000 (AUD$106).  Very expensive but priceless considering.

Hotel De Moc

Hotel De Moc

With all 3 of us moved back into the Hotel De Moc for our last night I take the rest of the day to do a shopping marathon at the MBK Center, also known as Mahboonkrong. 

The MBK Centre is a huge eight storey high shopping mall containing around 2,000 shops, a department store, restaurants and service outlets.  I could get lost in here but at least I don’t have to try and find where I parked the car.  If you want to shop and shop and shop, this is the place to do it.

I just want some shoes and make-up.  I probably don’t need to go to the largest shopping centre in Bangkok to find 10 pairs of shoes. I manage to find my way out of the shopping centre and return to the Hotel De Moc happy with my purchases which includes and a new duffle bag in which to pack everything.

Come 7:00pm it is time for a drink in the “Beer Graden” (says my receipt).  My gin and tonic (says my receipt) tastes very much like the vodka lime & lemonade that I actually ordered.

Time for my brother, his girlfriend and I to enjoy a relaxing evening drink, recapping on the fantastic trip, so full of great memories, which has now pretty come to an end.

Tomorrow will be 11 October and the day we fly home to Melbourne and back to reality, but for now…. one more gin and tonic please (wink wink).[showmyads]

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