Bali series: Legian

Bit late in the day for a beach umbrella

Bit late in the day for a beach umbrella

Bali has been a super relaxing holiday for Alex and me and today, we continue our relaxing holiday theme, starting with our complimentary breakfast… “Selamat Pagi” (“Good Morning”), “Selamat Pagi”… we greet the hotel staff and are greeted in return, as we make our way to our breakfast table.

The first activity for me for the day is a relaxing beach walk. I leave our hotel complex through the rear entrance, which conveniently backs directly onto the Beach. I head off in the direction of Kuta, and walk until I reach just beyond The Seminyak Resort Spa. I even come across a traditional balinese ceremony along my walk which is a lovely touch by tourism Bali?

Wonder what Alex is up to?

I get back to find Alex has finished a 1 hour balinese massage for AUD$9 which is located within the hotel grounds.

Time to relax and read by the pool before we have lunch in the gazebo near the pool, which overlooks the beach.

We take the complimentary hotel shuttle bus into Legian which takes us 20 minutes.  From where the bus drops us, we walk in the Kuta direction, stopping for a drink along the way. 

Again, there are loads of shops and eaties to choose from and we take our time to wander in and out of some of the shops.  As opposed to the main street near our hotel in Seminyak, Legian has proper footpaths.  This means we don’t need to dodge a single car. 

Not sure whether we just walked a long way or that there is not much distance between Legian and Kuta because we realise we have walked ourselves into Kuta, from our original Legian drop off point.  In fact, we have reached the Bali Bombing Memorial site in Kuta.

Oh well.  From here we head down Poppies II to the Beach Walk Shopping Centre which is anything but traditional balinese.  This is the only shopping centre where there is security bag screening done before entry is allowed… wow.  On the upper levels of the shopping centre we are surprised to find boardwalks and gardens, some even cascading greenery.

Next door to the Beach Walk Shopping Centre, we stop for a drink at Cafe Sardinia. (AUD$15).  Here we overlook the busy main beach road of Jalan Pantai Kuta and the wall that runs parallel with Kuta Beach, giving us a sliver of beach glimpse over the top of the beach wall.

I have convinced Alex to walk back to the Grand Balisani Suites Hotel along the beach…well… how about we walk as far as we can then?

Now Bali is famous for its beautiful sunsets right? Ummm, tonight, the sunset, while not glorious is still lovely.  On the bright side, it is an absolutely perfectly mild evening.  There are heaps of people on Kuta Beach but, as we head away from Kuta, towards Legian, the people become fewer.

The surfers stay until the very last ray of light drops from the sky.

We walk as far as Seminyak (we think) but it is probably another 30 minute walk to the hotel and Alex is feeling like he is being bitten by mosquitos and other assorted bugs and is keen to bail from our beach walk.

We leave the beach and head to the road to find a taxi to take us back to the hotel. I ask the first taxi guy if he do “meter” taxi to which he replies “no” but that would do for fixed fee of AUD$7. We say “Suksuma” (thank you) and walk away as he calls after us an offer of AUD$5.

Next group of guys sitting on the sidewalk I ask if they do meter taxi to Grand Balisani. No meter he says but quotes AUD$5. I say no but ask him how far, knowing it is no more than 10 minutes away. He tells me it is “20 minutes”. I say again “No, suksuma” (No, thank you) and walk away… he calls after me with an offer of AUD$4.

Finally a taxi stops at an intersection in front of us and I ask if “meter”. He says yes and we are on our way.

We take the 10 minute journey for $2.90… which goes to show the other taxi drivers were trying to get as much money out of us as possible. As a reward for our honest taxi driver, Alex gives the taxi driver $5 for which he is very happy. It sometimes isn’t about the money, it’s the point of it. I get so annoyed with taxi drivers who want to rip u off.

Sadly tomorrow is our last day in Bali and we plan to have a final relaxing day in and around the hotel complex.  Unfortunately the forecast for tomorrow is for rain (sad face).

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