Bali series: Grand Balisani Suites Hotel

Grand Balisani Suites Hotel exterior

Grand Balisani Suites Hotel exterior

Alex and I have booked a 7 night vacation in Bali, staying at the more traditional Balinese style Grand Balisani Suites Hotel.

The Grand Balisani is a large resort in Seminyak, Bali with spacious and clean rooms, plentiful food options, beautiful gounds (including a sparkling blue pool with pool bar) and direct access to its own beach frontage.


Having arrived in Bali last night, today is day one of our holiday and we intend to spend it completely within the precinct of the hotel.

First stop is our complimentary breakfast which is enjoyed from the second level restaurant overlooking the pool area and includes glimpses out to the beach.

The range of food is good and includes toast, cereal, fruits, sausages, tomatoes and pancakes and omlette made to order.  Also of course are some Balinese foods but I prefer to stick to the western food…for breakfast anyway.

After breakfast we walk through the grounds of the hotel to the beach which turns out to be a slightly “grey” beach with slightly coarse sand (she says sounding picky).  There are flags located here for swimming but the waves are pretty dumpy.  Despite the dumpy waves, some keen surfers are giving it a go.  There are no hawkers here and relatively few people on the beach which means lots of privacy and personal space a plenty.

Beach which backs onto Grand Balisani Suites

Beach which backs onto Grand Balisani Suites

The temperature is forecast to be stormy and 31 degrees today.  While slightly overcast, the random sun glimpes are already starting to pack a punch and, with no shade on the beach, Alex and I head to the sanctuary of the shaded hotel loungers which surround the sparkling pool at the hotel.

The Grand Balisani Suites Hotel pool is a great size and it looks clean and inviting. The guys behind the pool bar kindly make us some super cool cocktails…to help keep us cool of course.

I have a book to read and Alex has stuff to look at on his iphone thing.  This is the kind of daytime activity I could get used to. 

Our only next big decision is what to do for lunch and, as lunch time approaches Alex offers an idea…”how about we have lunch on the decked pavillion over there” (pointing to the decked pavillion which overlooks the beach area). 

We don’t have far to go to the decked pavillion which has a great selection of food.

  • Chicken satay skewers IDR$48,000 (AUD$4.80)
  • BLT sandwich with fries IDR$35,000 (AUD$3.50)
  • Tortilla Esquida IDR$54,000 (AUD$5.40)
  • Cappuccino IDR$44,000 (AUD$4.40)

While we loooove to lounge by the hotel pool, we take a respite from the humidity and head to the comfort of our hotel room. Alex opts for an afternoon siesta while I watch one of out complimentary in-house movies.

The Grand Balisani Resort Hotel has a dinner and show on tonight and we have committed to go. Time to make our way downstairs to the restaurant.

For our IDR$199,000 (AUD$19) each we are given a complimentary cocktail, buffet dinner and entertainment which includes a singer and some traditional Balinese dancing.

The girls dance in pairs and are in full traditional balinese dress which are colourful, combined with their touches of gold in their belt and adornments. The girls move with the rhythm of the balinese music, twirl their fans and more their hands in intricate and precise movements. While not an outstanding evening it was a pleasant and easy evening “in”, and the Balinese dancers were beautiful and very exotic.

Balinese dancers

Balinese dancers

The sound of an earlier threatening thunderstorm has passed and the light rain has left the hotel’s grounds glistening.

Grand Balisani Suites Hotel pool area

Grand Balisani Suites Hotel pool area

We take a self guided tour of the grounds and its labaryth of paths, some which leading deceptively to dead ends.

It has been a perfectly relaxing first day in Bali at the Grand Balisani Suites Hotel.

Tomorrow we plan to take the hotel’s complimentary shuttle bus into Kuta and undergo the onslaught of the Bali “hawker”.

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