Bali series: Beautiful Balinese people

Lifesaving tower Bali style

Lifesaving tower Bali style

The Balinese are a gentle people and always willing to offer a smile.

Take Rita for instance, Rita is one of the hotel staff we first meet at breakfast and, when leaving breakfast on our first morning I said to Rita “Terima Kasih”.  “Is that right?”


She explains that “Terima Kasih” is the right thing to say for Indonesia generally, but explains that more specifically for Bali “Thank You” is actually “Suksuma”.

Rita is able to help me out with some other words and writes them down on a napkin for me.

And so Alex and I leave the breakfast dining area… “Suksuma Rita”.

“Mawali” (thank you) is Rita’s reply with a giggle. Doesn’t take much to tell that Rita is a sweetheart. The gentle nature of the Balinese is so very endearing.

Today is a lazy day by the hotel pool and, after our complimentary hotel breakfast we look for some sun loungers near the pool.  There aren’t any left in the shade but… the lovely Balinese pool guy happily organises to set up some loungers for us under some palm trees, slightly away from the pool, in a secluded spot.  We tip him for his trouble and finish with a “Suksuma” and receive a “Mawali” in return.  Nothing ever seems too much trouble.

While Alex relaxes, I decide to take a walk. Today is overcast but still perfect for a walk on the beach.

I leave the hotel grounds and exit onto the beach. I head left towards Legian.

The beach in front of the hotel has black(ish)/grey sand. Ten minutes further along the beach towards Legian, the sand turns more yellow and feels smoother and/or easier underfoot.

I pass the “W Hotel” which looks super impressive from down on the beach and next to the impressive “W Hotel” are other equally fancy hotels also backing onto the beach.

The beach is fairly empty and I am not hassled by any hawkers.

I turn back somewhere along Legian beach and as I head back to the hotel, I am waved to by a construction worker on one of the upper levels of what looks like a hotel.  My initial reaction is… is he waving at me… but there’s nobody else around?  I give him a wave back and continue on my way.  The Balinese are so friendly!

My beach walk is glorious and something I love to do.  Staying at the Grand Balisani Suites Hotel is perfect for beach walks.

Back at the hotel Alex has been in and out of the pool and I join him in the pool before spending some time reading.  Alex watches a movie on his Ipad thing.

Over lunch we get a chance to talk to Mr Africa.  Mr Africa is another of the hotel staff.  Mr Africa organised the traditional Balinese dinner we went to on our first night in Bali.

Mr Africa is Balinese but darker skinned and he told us that it is because of his darker skin that he is called Mr Africa.

Mr Africa is 32 years old and rents accommodation nearby. Back in his village he has family including 6 siblings, although sadly 2 of his siblings died.  Mr Africa has been working at the hotel for 4 years.  Before working at the Grand Balisani, he worked in his village but was only making AUD$15 a month.

In the afternoon we take a walk to the main street of Seminyak where there are some boutique shops, a convenience store and some restaurants and cafes.

The road, in parts, is difficult to navigate, meaning…. this road is not designed for pedestrians. We manage to weave in-between passing traffic without incident and get to the shops and back without incident…lucky us!


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