Bali series: 7 night Bali holiday cost

Bali offerings

Bali offerings

[showmyads]Alex and I are on our last day in Bali of our 7 night holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

Not much to report on our last day, given we will be spending our time today lazing around the hotel resort’s pool.  Our last relax before we head home to Melbourne…sigh

So, like everybody does, we now look to calculate how much our holiday has cost, more particularly, how much did our holiday with guaranteed warm climate, 4 start accommodation located right on the beach actually costs.

The cost breakdown (for both Alex and me) for our 7 night Bali holiday, including direct airfares departing Melbourne is as follows:

  • Jetstar (direct) flights ($1,091.56)
  • 7 night, 4 star accommodation at Grand Balisani Suites Hotel in Seminyak ($486.20 incl breakfast)

To this point, the cost is $1,577.76

now lets add in our combined spending costs:

  • Spending costs in Bali ($800)

so that brings us to $2,377.76…

and those other costs that nobody ever factors in and you don’t think about when the advertisers are throwing their “hot deals” or “package deal” prices at you:

  • travel insurance for two with Southern Cross Travel Insurance ($111.00)
  • Limousine transfer to and from Melbourne airport ($230.00)
  • cattery cost for Meow Meow in the “Garden View Room” ($180)

So, the total cost for both of us was $2,898.76.
Divide that amount by 2 and our individual cost is $1,449.38.  Not bad!!

Actually, I think that is great value, even given all the extra “incidentals” like putting the cat in his cat hotel…hmmm…

So that’s it for this Bali series.  In summary, Alex behaved himself and we got to have a fantastic and completely relaxing 7 night Bali holiday, staying in the Garden View Room at the Grand Balisani Suites in Bali.

And I leave you with this bizarre coincidence… our hotel room in Bali was named the same as Meow Meow’s room at the cattery… the Garden View Room… how freaky !

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