A short break close to Melbourne you might like to discover

Sunday morning and the second day of our weekend break and we are on a deadline to get up, get showered and downstairs for breakfast by the 9:30 am finish (well…it is a Sunday after all). We manage to shower and pack up in good time and head down the staircase to the breakfast room.

I will write a hotel review about the Queenscliff Hotel in a separate post but for now will just say that I think many of the rooms are fabulous and this breakfast room is yet another fabulous room which overlooks a rear courtyard with imposing central fountain.

Our cooked breakfast makes available the usual likes including the option of poaches or scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and mushrooms. There is cereal, toast and fresh fruit and yogurt on offer on another table with a pot of coffee and tea and a selection of juices.

There is just sufficient food for us and the other two other couples who are having the cooked breakfast.

With breakfast done we take a final spin around the Queenscliff Hotel’s rear terrace and interior taking photos as we go…fountain (snap), reading room (snap), dining room (snap), the back of Alex (snap)…..

We head up to our room, grab our bags and check out. Bye lovely Queenscliff Hotel. Thanks for having us.

Our plan for today is to drive around the corner (literally) to the main street of Queenscliff and wander the length of the shops (both sides of the street), drive to Ocean Grove (seaside town) to check out the beach and then further on to Barwon Heads (seaside/river town).

It takes us about 20 minutes to reach Ocean Grove (after initially taking a wrong turn…my fault…first time ever!) and we duck into the first parking spot we find. Again, its a slightly overcast day and, again, having no sunscreen, is perfect for my fair skin.

We head straight to the beach access and onto the beach. This beach is long, wide and open and with the sun peeking through the clouds from time to time, is perfect for a long leisurely walk. I love walking a long a beach, there is nothing nicer than taking your shoes off and walking on the waters edge, avoiding any sharp shells underfoot etc, etc, etc. Yep..happy days..Alex is already dreaming of purchasing one of the houses on the hill…hmmm.

We can’t walk this beach forever unfortunately and with our walk ended, back at the car we make a futile attempt to get the sand off as much as possible before heading to Barwon Heads (another 15 minutes or so further on).

Now having come from the relative quiet of Queenscliff, arriving in Barwon Heads was literally a traffic jam and obviously very popular (especially for a short break). We suffer through the traffic and eventually find a car space (miles from where we want to be but that’s ok because apparently exercise is good for you).

Its about 2:00pm and a good time grab some lunch before we trek further to the river to where all the action is. We decide on the Beach House Café and Wine Bar for lunch and (for the second day in a row…boring) I order the fish and chips. Alex goes for the open souvlaki and we sit and people watch while we eat.

Our next stop, still on foot, is to the head of the river which is only a couple of minutes walk away past another fish and chip shop, and the mandatory shop selling seaside stuff like boogie boards and deck chairs.

There is a bridge that crosses the Barwon River at this point and, not being bothered to walk any further (despite how good the exercise would be), we decide to plant ourselves here. This is a very family friendly spot with the calm and shallow waters of the riverbank being utilised it seems by every family staying in Barwon Heads.

Enjoy families enjoy…we need to head home. We wind our way down the back streets to the car.

Estimated drive time home will be just under 2 hours and so off we head to be reunited with the cat (Meow Meow).

On the cost front, today has practically been another free day as breakfast was included in the hotel cost, we didn’t buy anything at the shops (apart from Alex’s usual chocolate purchases) and the beaches etc are all free to access etc. The things I most liked about this weekend were staying at the Queenscliff Hotel and the beach at Ocean Grove. I think Alex and I should plan on having another weekend break next time in Ocean Grove just to enjoy some more beach time. Alex I image will be planning on a trip where he can actually use the fishing lines he brings every time we go away (but never seems to get a chance to use).[showmyads]

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